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FSM 128

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Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

FSM pioneered in the laser scanning technology for Film Stress and wafer bow measurement.  Several hundred of these tools have been installed in almost every fab, and R&D facilities for Si, GaAS, InP or Flat panel facilities.  Systems are available for room and high temperatures

FSM 128 series offer the simplest and most widely adopted technique in film stress and wafer bow measurement.  It is fast, simple to operate, accurate, and is a non- contact method.  The tool is capable of fast 2D and 3D mapping of Stress or wafer bow. The FSM 128 is a semiautomated system, which measures samples up to 200 mm, while the FSM128L offers 300 mm capabilities.  The FSM 128G is targeted for the Flat Panel Industry, capable of measuring panels up to 550 x 650 mm.


  • Great deal on performance for the best price in the manual load tool category.
  • Small foot print – desk top unit.
  • Easy & fast to learn & use.
  • Measures 40 data points/mm, > 10k points / 300 mm scan.
  • Provides 2D wafer stress map, wafer bow, etc.
  • > 500 units sold to many wafer fabs.
  • Can measure various wafer sizes 50-300 mm wafer diameters.



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