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Gas Valves: Nupro® Metering Valves

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Lesker Gas Valves: Nupro® Metering Valves

Kurt J. Lesker / Premier Solutions offer two series of Nupro®'s 316 stainless steel metering valves for controlling the gas flow into vacuum systems. M-series valves allow regulation of medium gas flows at temperatures up to 200°C, while S-series valves provide very fine flow control. The M-series valves are rated to 1,000 psi; the S-series to 2,000 psi. Metering valves, please take note, are not shut-off vlaves and should not be used as such. Attempting to force them shut usually results in needle damage.



Lesker Gas Valves: Nupro® Metering Valves

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