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Glove Box with H2O & O2 Purification System and Hinged Front Window - VGB-6-LD

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VGB-6-LD is a stainless steel glove box with a hinged type of front door designed for much easy loading and unloading device into the glove-box. The purification cylinder is made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve in order to achieve a low water and oxygen concentration of lower than 1 ppm, such that experiments can be conducted in an ultra-clean and highly purified gas environment. It is integrated with a vapor pressure control system, purity control system, automatic gas purity regeneration control system, and system data log recording. EQ-VGB-6 is widely used in preparing nanomaterials, Li-ion battery materials, catalysts, and metallorganics. 


Working Voltage
  • 110 or 220 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Max power: 1.5 kW 
Glove Box Chamber
  • Case Material: Stainless steel 304 with 3 mm thickness
  • Chamber dimension: 1200 mm L x 740 mm W x 900 mm H
  • Openable front window panel (tempered glass, 8 mm thick)
  • Hinged type door for easy load devices inside the glovebox
Chamber Condition
  • Regeneration Temperature Controlleris built-in for automatically regenerating the filters
  • Automatically purging function is built-in for quick reducing O2 < 200ppm & H2O < 50 ppm before recycling.
  • The automatic pressure control system is built in to keep the pressure at a constant level.
  • Water concentration: <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
  • Oxygen concentration: <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
    Leak Rate
  • <0.05 vol% / hr (depending on oxygen concentration inside the glove box)
  • Antechamber dimension: 360 mm Dia. x 600 mm L
  • Small chamber dimension (for tools): 150 mm Dia. x 220 mm L
Heatable Antechamber (optional) 
  • Heatable Antechamber: 200C max., ID 385×588mm (L)
  •    Pic. 1    Pic. 2  
  • Loading and unloading device from the front door is much easier than ever!     A vacuum-sealed jar is available for air-sensitive sample transporting ( clicking Pic. 1 to order )
  • KF100 port with a blinding plate is optional to connect a tube furnace up to an MTI tube furnace (Pic. 2-3)
  • Pic. 1        Pic.2       Pic. 3      Pic. 4
Working Gas
  • Operating gas: Inert gas such as N2, Ar, He
  • Regenerating gas: For regenerating both oxygen and H2O remover, use a mixture of H2 (5-10%) and operating gas 
Gas Purification System
  • Automated regeneration process
  • Automated Water and oxygen removal
  • Purification cylinder: made of BASF R3-11 Copper Catalyst and Lindy Molecular Sieve
  • Pipeline: 304 stainless steel, KF40, and KF25 ports
Ports & Fittings
  • Total three KF40 ports on the back of the glove box
Filter System
  • Inlet and outlet filter  can eliminate particle size > 0.3 μm
  • Carbon and solvent vapor filters are available upon request at the extra cost for flammable vapor
Pressure Control System
  • Automatic pressure control by PLC for the Glove Box Chamber
    • Pressure range: +/- 12 mbar
  • Manual pressure control is allowed via a foot pedal
Purging System
  • An automatic purging system allows easy operating and reduces gas consumption
Control System
  • Siemens PLC control system with 7" touchscreen display
    • Water concentration: 0 - 1000 ppm with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm
    • Oxygen concentration: 0 - 1000 ppm with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm
    • Pressure: -12 to 12 mbar with an accuracy of 0.01 m-bat
    • Records for total hours of operation, total regeneration times, time since last regeneration
  • 240 L/m heavy-duty double stage rotary vane pump for faster gas exhaust
  • Vacuum rate: 240 L/m (8.5 cfm)
  • A pair of 9 3/4" butyl gloves is included for immediate use
  • Built-in fluorescent lamp
  • Product Dimension: 2000 mm L x 1000 mm W x 1880 mm H (79" x 40" x 74")
  • See the pictures below for detailed dimensions
Shipping Dimension
  • 85" L x 45" W x 91" H
Shipping Weight
  • 1720 lbs
  • NRTL certification is available upon request with extra cost
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or maintenance are not covered by a warranty
  • Gloves are consumable items and are NOT covered by a warranty
  • The oxygen sensor is consumable, NOT covered by warranty. Please use the videos below for properly 1) Replacing a worn unit and 2) Storing the sensor to ensure maximum longevity when not used
Operation Instructions
&  Video
Application Notes & Warnings
  • The interconnections between the glovebox chamber and the gas purification system must be unimpeded during the purification cycles. 
  • The O2 removing rate is largely dependent on the type of purging gas used. For a faster chamber purging process, Nitrogen is preferred over Argon due to its lighter mass
  • Regularly perform regeneration to maintain optimum purification efficiency. 
  • The O2 sensor is consumable and its expected lifespan is around one year. We supply a replacement O2 sensor, please click the underline and just order the sensor.
  • The use of corrosive gases is prohibited as they will damage the water and oxygen sensors!
  • Corrosive liquid (such as LiPF6 electrolyte) must be remain sealed in a container inside the glove box. Otherwise, liquid vapor may condense and corrode the steel chamber and purification pipeline.
  • We can connect various tube furnaces with the glove box for processing air sensitive materials 
  • You may order a vacuum transportation jar to deliver the air-sensitive sample in or out glove-box
Heatable Antechamber (optional) 
  • Heatable Antechamber: 200C max., DN385×588mm (L), available ( Pic. 1-2)
  • Two large ante-chambers with central isolating door is available upon request (Pic. 3 )
       Pic. 1    Pic. 2  Pic. 3

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