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Hi-Throughput Hot Rolling Machine (32 Sample/Batch) for Research of Alloy Deformation Strengthening -MSK-HRP-MG1

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MSK-HRP-MG1 is a lab-scale automatic hot rolling machine for high throughput research of metallic alloy strengthening via deformation.  It can roll 32 samples continuously via a PC program at the different rolling temperatures ( up to 950oC) , rolling amounts, rolling times, and cooling temperatures by touch one button.


Rolling Press

  • Roller Dimension:           Φ121mm x  W 150mm
  • Roller material:               4Cr5MoSiV1(H13)with hardness HRC 55 ( RT ) and HRC 40 ( 450ºC)
  • Rolling Speed:                0 - 20 RPM  adjustable  and independently controlled for two rollers
  • Rolling motors:               Two motors with 1:72 gear and Max. torque 4000Nm.
  • Pressure sensors:          Two sensors to display pressing force up to 7 metric ton with digital display
  • Rolling thickness:            Max. 30 mm max and  Min. 0.1 mm
  • Rolling amount:               0.04 - 0.5 mm programmable for each rolling with digital display
  • Max. rolled sample size:  ≦ L200  x W 40mm,Thickness  ≧1mm
  • Heating plate:                    The heating plate in the entrance with 450ºC Max. 
  • Material to be rolled:         < 28 HRC
  • Input Power:                     8KW, three-phase, 208- 240VAC  , 50/60 Hz
Sample feeding system
  •  The rotary sample holder carries 32 pcs samples
  • The sample will be sent into the induction heating zone, then send it into the rolling machine one by one via a PC program via a pneumatic system.
  • Initial max. sample size to be rolled:         20x20x10mm
 Induction Heating System
  •  The sample will be heated by an induction coil when it moves to the heat zone
  • IR temperature sensor will oscillate with induction coil to control sample temperature to the setting value. 
  • Induction coil oscillating speed:  1-10mm/S programmable
  • Max. heating temperature:  950oC max.  programmable
  • Induction power 208- 240VAC, three-phase, 20KW
Cooling System
  • After recirculation of hot rolling, the sample will be placed on a cooling plate via a pneumatic clamp
  • The sample will be cold by spray liquid nitrogen gas up to - 50oC. by a temperature controller and liquid solenoid valve
  • 30L liquid nitrogen tank is required, but not included
Control Panel
  • The whole system is controlled by a 15.6" touch screen PC.  The control or programmable parameters include:
    • Induction coil oscillating speed
    • Sample heating temperature for each sample
    • Rolling speeds of  top and bottom roller for each sample
    • Pressing down amount for each rolling of each sample
    • Rolling cycle for each sample
    • The temperature of the heating plate on the rolling machine
    • Time of liquid nitrogen spraying
    • The temperature of rolled & cold sample.
  • 30 programs can be pre-stored for quick operation
  •  All data and curves can be download to an outside PC.
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • CE certified
  • NRTL certification is available upon request at the extra cost
  • L 300 x  W2000  x H 1500 mm
Net Weight 
  • 1150 kg
Operation Demo Video    

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