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High Vacuum Chamber (18"x17" x20" ) For DIY Sputtering coating system - HVC-SS-1

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MTI provides a pre-built high vacuum box chamber. This vacuum chamber can be customized to be a sputtering coater system (up to 5 sputtering sources) and other systems such as CVD, ALD, etc. It also can be used as a high vacuum storage box.

  • The vacuum chamber is made of 304 stainless steel with reinforcing rib 
  • Inside vacuum chamber size:  470mm L×445mm D×522mm H  (~ 105 Liters , 18.5“x17.5"x 20.5")
  • Round 380 mm Dia. hinged type door with 150 mm Dia glass window
  • A vacuum-sealed 150mm diameter glass window is installed on the front door for easy observation
  • Silicone O-ring can be used for all vacuum seals.
  • Temperature range: -15 to 150 °C
Vacuum Pressure
Ports and fitting
  • One KF40 port was built on the right side of the chamber to connect to the vacuum pump.
  • Four KF25 ports built in the chamber, 3 in left and one in right
  • Three 1/4" BSPP fittings with needle valve are installed for gas inlet & outlet ( 2 at the back and 1 on the left)
  • One 1/8 NPT port is installed on top of the chamber to connect a vacuum gauge.
  • The top plate is removable to make a customized port and fitting
  • Customer fitting and port are available upon request
  • Three years limited warranty
Application Sputtering coating system:
A complete sputtering coating system consists of five parts. Vacuum chamber, sputtering headssputtering power supply (DC or RF)pumping system (mechanical pump or turbopump), and water cooling system
This vacuum chamber is able to install single or multiple sputtering heads (up to 5). Maximum up to three 2" heads or five 1" heads. Please contact us regarding the number of sputtering heads and sizes. We will pre-fabricate the vacuum chamber and install the sputtering heads. 
The above pic shows a complete RF/DC (switchable) sputtering coating system by using this vacuum chamber. Single sputtering is equipped. w/ Mechanical + turbo pumping system.


  • Please click the picture below left 1- 2  to choose a vacuum gauge at extra cost
  • Please click picture right to choose a vacuum pump station, which the vacuum chamber can be put on its top

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