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Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) (80IDx130H mm) up to 1200°C 20 MPa - CM-HIP-2

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CM-HIP-2 is a compact internal heating isostatic pressing ( HIP ) with an 80 ID x 130 H mm cylindrical heating chamber. The furnace can operate under the maximum working temperature of 1200°C and a maximum pressure of 20 MPa under inert gas.  Please contact MTI for the special version for hydrogen and oxygen gas. 
Patented Product:  Patented #: 201510417026.0.   

Please contact our engineer team to discuss your application.

  • 208-240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • 4.5 kW
  • Water-cooled SS 304 chamber
  • Sample chamber: Ø80×130H mm
  • 25 Mpa pressure transmitter
  • 20 Mpa digital solenoid pressure relief valve
  • 20 Mpa adjustable mechanical pressure relief valve
  • 1/4" compression gas inlet and outlet
  • High-quality alumina fibrous insulation
 Heating Zone
  • Mo resistance heating wires
  • 4-layer Mo thermal shield
  • Max. temperature: 1200°C
  • Max. heating rate: 5°C/min 0-1000°C
  •                            3°C/min 1000-1200°C
  • Max. sample size: 70 mm Dia x 130 mm H
 Temperature Control
  • 30 segment programmable digital temperature controller
  • Over-temperature and thermocouple malfunction protection 
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±1°C
  • C type thermocouple
Pressure Control
  • Up to 20 Mpa at 1200°C under inert gas
  • Ar, N2, 5% H2 blended inert gas. For hydrogen and oxygen gas, please contact MTI for details. 
  • One 20 MPa solenoid relief valve is controlled by the pressure transmitter
  • One 20 MPa mechanical pressure relief valve is installed in case of pressure. 
Window   (Optional)
  • 10 mm observation window is available upon request at the extra cost. 
  • The window is made of fused quartz with dimension 20 Dx 20 H ( mm)
  • Warning: one digital camera must be used to observe through the window to ensure the safety
 Dimension & Weight
  • 1200 L x 630 W x 1425 H ( mm)  @ 250 kg weight
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 1300 lbs; 48"x40"x67"
  • 370 lbs; 48"x40"x47"
 Vacuum pump
  • One mechanical rotary vane pump is included for the vacuum level of 10E-2 torr. 
  • A pneumatic KF25 gate valve is included to isolate the pump from the chamber, which requires 4-8 bar compressed gas.
  • One air compressor and gas regulator are required but not included.  
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL(UL61010)  or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost.
  • One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
 Demo Video     
  Application Note
  •   This furnace can be modified into a high vacuum furnace up to 10-7 torr at room temperature via a proper turbopump and ion pump.  Please contact our engineering team for details
  • Optional:   quenching function is available upon request at extra cost.

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