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Hybrid Film Applicator:Doctor Blade (250mm) + Slot Die (150mm) Head - EQ-HDS-250

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EQ-HDS-250 is a hybrid film applicator that can do tape coating for thicker film and slot die coating for thin film. It is an excellent tool to make lab scaled film coator via slurry for battery electrodes, perovskite solar film, and fuel cell membranes. This applicator can be used for all brand film coaters.

  • The hybrid film applicator includes two parts, which are made of stainless steel
    • 250 mm width doctor blade with dual micrometers to adjust film thickness at the range at 0.01 mm -  5 mm (click Picture 1 to see details)
    • 150 mm width slot head, which can be fixed on the doctor blade to coat film thickness from 0.005mm  - 0.02 mm (click Picture 2 to see details), which includes (see picture left column)
      • 2 pcs of 0.2 mm thickness Shim
      • 2 pcs of 0.3 mm thickness shim
      • 2 pcs of 0.4 mm thickness shim
      • 1 pcs PTFE tube (1/8"OD x 2.175 mm ID)
      • Join connectors to pump and slot die
  •  Pic. 1        Pic. 2       

Micrometer Head


  • Digital micrometer head accuracy: +/- 0,001 mm
  • The micrometer heads are built-in doctor blade frame to adjust the gap between slot die and substrate
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Dimension & Weight


Weight: 1000 g
Optional Coater
  • The most suitable for the hybrid film applicator is  MSK-AFA-II coater. because it has a lapped glass surface and  < flatness of +/- 2 microns.  Please click the Pic. 1 below right to order separately
  • It fits with all brands' flat coating machines. Please click Pic. 2 below to see the slot die on the bottom heated coater
  • Slot die is removable if using the doctor blade head for tape coating
  • For slot die coating, you may order a Syringe Pump as Pic. 2-3 below:
   Pic. 1          Pic. 2                     Pic. 1   
Demo Video     (Click for more details)    

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