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Hydraulic Crimper for All Types of Coin Cells with 100 Pcs CR2032 Case - MSK-110

Hydraulic Crimper for All Types of Coin Cells with 100 Pcs CR2032 Case - MSK-110

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MSK-110 is a new design and CE Certified coin cell crimper with lighter weight and a smaller footprint. The crimper is suitable for sealing various types of coin cells such as CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016 with an included die. It can also crimp CR2325, CR2450, AG3, AG5, and other special size cases with optional die sets.   We don't suggest to use the machine inside the glovebox.

     MTI has granted the patent 201120462024.0 for the Hydraulic Coin Cell Crimpers MSK-110 since July 2012.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • PTFE Anti-Corrosion Core prevents coin cells from being short-circuited
  • An Aluminum tray is included to put at the bottom of the crimper for avoiding oil leakage by accident
            aluminum tray                      
Output dimension 
  • O.D +0.15mm after crimping (Original O.D 19.96mm, then output is about 20.11mm)
Crimping Die
  • One set of crimping die for CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016 is included
  • Die is consumable,  please click the picture below to order a replacement  
  • 100 pcs Coin cell cases (MTI's CR2032 cases) are included in the package for testing and immediate use
  • Optional die available from product option for crimping CR2325, CR2450, AG3, AG5 
  • Note: MTI does NOT carry AG5 cell cases.
  • Max. 8 metric Tons of hydraulic pump with automatic pressure relief
  • Recommended CR20XX series coin cell sealing pressure: 850 -1000psi
  • Effective piston area: 11.34 cm^2
Product  Weight & Dimensions
  • With handle positioned horizontally: 280mm(L) x 280mm(W)  x 333mm(H)
  • Without handle: 228mm(L) x 176.8mm(W) x 333mm(H)
  • Tray: 330mm(L) x 230mm(W) (See section Maintenance & Equipment Care below for more)
  • Net Weight:   26 kg (58 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight & Size:   45 kg (100 lbs)  40" x 30" x 21"
Compliance CE Certified
Patent Granted: 201120462024.0 for the Coin Cell Case Crimping since July 2012
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support (Rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty)
Operation Manual & Video               
Maintenance & Equipment Care
  • Electrolytes are highly corrosive materials, therefore, the die set must be cleaned with ethanol after the completion of each experiment in order to avoid any corrosion damages. Also, turn the hydraulic valve to Lock position when not in use.
  • Please be aware that MTI will not be liable for any losses/damages from improper use, improper care & maintenance, and abuse of the product. 
  • A 13"x9"  aluminum tray is included to keep the workstation clean in case of an oil leak. 
Application Notes                        
How to Choose MTI Crimper
  • MSK-110 is a hydraulic manual crimper. It is not suitable for use inside the glovebox. Mainly because there is a risk of oil leakage after long time usage
  • MSK-110-S  is driven by inert gases, which is suitable for use inside the glovebox with N2/Ar and with the faster operation.
  • MSK-160E is driven by electricity and good for use in the glovebox with N2/Ar.   However, the crimping speed is slower than MSK-110-S. It has a compact size and can be transferred via the air-lock chamber of the glovebox.
  • Attention:
  • Please use MTI Branded Coin Cell Cases with our crimper. We don't guarantee the crimping quality if other brand cells are used. 
  •    Msk-110                 MSK-110S          MSK-160E

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