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Induction Melting Quartz Assembly with Four 1/4" Tube Feedthroughs for 60 mm O.D. Tube - FL60FT4-OK

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The induction melting chamber with four 1/4" tube fittings is designed for the connection of 60 mm O.D. quartz tube. The various feedthroughs provides multiple options of gas delivery, temperature measurements, and vacuum pumping at the same time.  Specifications:

  • SS304 stainless steel flange with double high-temperature silicon O-rings
  • Seven 1/4" union tube fittings welded on the flange, which is compatible for gas flow and temperature measurements
  • Ideal for connection to any types of MTI tubes or half nipple, including quartz, ceramic, and steel. 
  • The assembly is compatible with induction heating coils for heating and melting. 
  • A Flange for 60mm O.D. tube with silicone O-ring seals.
  • Two 1/4" union tube fittings with SS tubing used for atmosphere control, equipped with a needle valve and a ball valve.
  • One or two 1/4" union tube fittings with a o-ring set for temperature measurements.
  • One or two 1/4" union tube fittings used as vacuum pumping with gate valve. 
  • Please contact MTI to customize different functions based on union fittings. 
Tube (Optional)
Crucible (Optional)
  • Graphite crucible: OD 1.5" × 1.25" × 3.75"
  • Fiberous alumina refractory crucible holder is included, which provides good thermal insulation between graphite and quartz tube. 
  • Please contact MTI for crucibles in difference sizes and materials. 
  • Thermocouple: K, S, B, C types. 
  • Ceramic sheath for each thermocouple feedthrough:
    • 2 chanels for single thermocouple 
    • 4 chanels for dual thermocouples
  • Please contact MTI to specify the type of thermocouple and ceramic sheath. 
Vacuum Level
  • Please do not over tighten the three hex screws on the flanges to avoid overpressure incidents. The recommended torque is 35~40 inch-lbs.
  • For liability considerations, MTI does not recommend or endorse the use of any toxic, flammable or corrosive gasses with our flange assemblies. Please contact us with any concerns.
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Part Number Part Name Qty
1 Inner and Outer Flange 1 pair
2 Feedthrough Nut 7
3 Ferrule Fittng 7 pairs
4 Centering Ring 1
5 Hex sealing screws 3
6 High-Temperature Silicone O-ring (White) 2
7 Ball Valve 1
8 Needle Valve 1
9 KF25 adapter 1
10 Mechanical Pressure Gauge 1

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