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INFICON Feedthrough Selection

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The following Lesker vacuum feedthroughs are compatible with all Lesker INFICON Quartz Crystal Deposition Controllers. Each feedthrough provides coaxial electrical connections and tubing for air or water connections. One feedthrough type is required for each sensor installation. Choose the appropriate feedthroughs in conjunction with your vacuum mounting ports and sensor types.


  • Air and water lines 3/16 inch (0.48cm) O.D. Two electrical connections are required for the Dual Sensor Head.
  • All shutter sensors require appropriate Feedthrough and control valve (750-420-G1).
  • Feedthrough configuration varies depending on options selected (Front Load or Cool Drawer, type of feedthrough, and connection). Example: SL-A0E37 uses feedthrough p/n 002-042 while SL-A1E37 uses feedthrough p/n 750-030-G1. CDD-AF40, -AF47, -BF40, and -BF47 use a 2-piece hybrid feedthrough design due to dimensional limits of a standard CF40



INFICON Feedthrough Selection

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