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1800C Compact Muffle Furnace (4.7x4.7x 4.7", 1.7L) w/ Kanthal Super-1900 Heating Element - KSL-1800X-KS

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KSL 1800X KS

KSL-1800X-KS-UL is upgraded from KSL-1800X-KA-S and is ready to pass UL or CSA certification (UL61010 or SPE1000) with up to 1800°C with for max energy saving. It is an ideal tool for preparing new generation material in research laboratories
  • The furnace consists of high-quality alumina fiber brick and Kanthal Super-1900 MoSi2 heating elements with double layer case. 
  • The gas inlet and venting port are installed for using at oxygen or inert gas rich atmospheres.
  • The design of sliding down door is for loading sample at easy.
  • The furnace temperature is controlled by high precision SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) digital controller with accuracy +/-1°C and 30 segments programmable up to 1800°C.  
 Inside Chamber Size   120 x 120 x 120mm (4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7 "), 1.7 L
 Furnace Structure
  • Double layer steel structure with air cooling fan to keep case temperature below 55°C
  • YSZ liner for heat resistance up to 2000°C 
 Standard Working Temperature   1750°C  (continuous)
 Maximum Working Temperature   1800°C (< 2 hours)
Temperature controller
  • Eurotherm 3000 Series Programmable Temperature Controller.
  • 1 program, 24 segments programmed with ramping, cooling and dwelling steps
  • Temperature Accuracy:  ±  0.1ºC
Laptop & software (Optional)
  • Brand new laptop with Microsoft Window 10 and Microsoft Office 2013 (30 days free trial) for immediate use.
  • Labview Based Temperature Control System enables the user to edit temperature profile and manage heat-treatment recipe for MTI furnaces.
  • Note: Due to the complexity of the controller operation, we strongly suggest customers to purchase this PC control kit along with the furnace and our engineers will have the software & hardware pre-installed. Please note that this PC control kit is not for sale individually.
Heating Rate   0 ~20°C / min (suggestion  =< 10°C)
Temperature Accuracy & stability   +/- 1oC
 Temperature uniformity
  •  +/- 5°C over 120 mm (5") @ 1700°C
  •  +/- 2°C over 80 mm (3") @ 1700°C
 Heating Element
 Thermo Couple   B Type  (Pt-Rh to Pt-Rh)with Alumina tube 
 Working Voltage   AC 208V-240V  single phase, 50/60 Hz (30A air breaker required)
 Max. Power   2.5 KW  (30A breaker required)
Power cable & plug
  • 10 feet length 14-3 AWG heavy duty UL approve power cable is included
  • The plug is not included. You can order from your local hardware store according to female plug in your lab, or order from link below (30A plug)
 Outside Size   380 x 410 x 620 mm (15" x 16" x 24.5")
 Net Weight   30 kg
One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
  • CE/UL/CSA Certifcate
  • Please select the certificate in option bar:
    • CE Certificate only - CE mark only
    • CE Certificate & UL/CSA ready to pass UL/CSA certifcate at extra cost
    • UL certircate -  UL apprval (UL 61010), 
Package Dimensions after crating      480x480x790 mm
  Shipping Weight              66 kg (145 lbs)


 P/N  Description  Quantity  Click pic to order extra
 KSL7-01  Super-1900 grade Kathnal MoSi2 Heating Element - 270mm L  4 pcs   
 KSL7-02  B-Type Pt-Rh to Pt-Rh Thermocouples with Alumina Protection Tube  1 set   
 KSL7-03  Al2O3 Sample Plate  1 pcs    
 KSL7-04  Al2O3 Furnace Door Block  1 pcs    
 KSL7-06  Crucible Clip  1 pair    
 KSL7-07  Operation Manual  1 set  View product manual 

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