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Large Vacuum Sealer w/ Electrolyte Injection and Vacuum Standing for Pouch Cell up to 500x350 mm- MSK-115A-H

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MSK-115A-H is a vacuum sealer with the multi-functions, including electrolyte injection, vacuum standing (electrolyte diffusion), and vacuum Sealing for large size pouch cell batteries. This device could be used in a dry room. MTI has granted the patent 201822101349.0 for the Pouch Cell Sealing Machine integrated with Electrolyte Injection MSK-115A-H since December 2019. SPECIFICATIONS:
Advanced Features
  • Large or mid-size Pouch cells (EV cells) vacuum sealing, electrolyte injection, vacuum standing three in one design
  • The electrolyte filler with a speed control console and injection pump for the high-precision dispensing
  • Electrolyte injection could be done under different vacuum levels in order to achieve a better electrode immersion
  • The built-in liquid electrolyte filtration system and vacuum pump
  • Vacuum sealing: high-temperature uniformity and high consistency sealing performance
Input Power
  • AC 208 - 240 V 50/60 Hz Single phase
  • Power: 1.5 KW
  • AC 110V single-phase version is available upon request
Working Gas
  • Used in the dry room
  • 0.5~0.8 Mpa high purity compressive inert dry gas (Ar is preferred) is required for driving the pneumatic system
  • Continues dry inert gas purging for the working chamber is required to maintain a dry atmosphere for electrolyte injection and diffusion
Electrolyte Dispenser
  • Electrolyte plunger metering pump is included for precise electrolyte filling; Injection Accuracy: 3 ‰
  • During the electrolyte injection and vacuum standing under the vacuum, The liquid electrolytes would be vaporized. Please consider refilling the electrolyte if necessary
  • Electrolyte filling volume and injection rate adjustable via touch screen PLC control
Pouch Size Adaptability
  • Max. L 500 mm * W 350 mm * H 20 mm
  • Large size is available upon request
Vacuum Degassing 
  • Vacuum range:  -95 ~ 0 kPa adjustable
  • Dwell Time: 0 ~ 99 seconds adjustable
Sealing Die 
  • Sealing width: 10 mm (standard)
  • Customizable up to 15 mm
  • Sealing length: ≤ 550 mm
Sealing Pressure 
  • Maximum sealing pressure: 0.7 MPa (500 kg*f)
Sealing Temperature
  • Two digital temperature controllers on the front panel provide independent control for the left and right heating dies.
  • Temperature range: 50 ~ 250 ℃ adjustable (accuracy +/- 2 ℃)
  • Recommended sealing temperature: 180~190 ℃
Sealing Time
  • 0 ~ 99 seconds adjustable (8 ~ 10 seconds is recommended)
Machine Dimensions
  • Footprint: 1,200 mm L * 565 mm W * 1,820 mm H
Net Weight
  • ~ 300 kg
  • One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • NRTL Certification is available upon request at extra cost
Operation Manual & Video
Application Notes
  • Please clean the sealing dies after each use. Clean the sealing die after it has cooled down to avoid corrosion by the electrolyte.
  • Check the level and smoothness of sealing die surface regularly. If there is damage to the sealing die, please contact MTI to order a replacement.
  • The featured air-tight chamber enables the operation under the Ar atmosphere where Lithium-SulfurLithium AirLithium Solid-State, or Li-ion half cell will be assembled. Please click the images below to understand these technologies and how it fits in a glove box.

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