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Levitation Cold Crucible Vacuum Melting Furnace ( 300 g Max ) - EQ-FMF-300

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EQ-FMF-300 is an Advanced Vacuum Float-Melting System for exploring new generation magnetic alloy and metallic materials with max. loading 300 g sample. The system uses a 60KW high-frequency induction heater to cause a metallic sample to float during melting by magnetic vortex within a special designed water-cold copper crucible placed inside a vacuum-sealed quartz tube. Therefore, it can produce extra high purity Ferro or magnetic alloy without any contamination.
Induction Heater
  • Working Voltage: AC 220V (3 phases) 50/60Hz 
  • Working Current: 10-100 Amp
  • Output Frequency: 50-200 kHz non-adjustable
  • Max. Output Power: 60KW
  • Electrically driven crucible holder for easy sample loading
  • Cooling Water Requirement: pressure ≥ 0.3Mpa, water flow rate ≥130 L/min
  • Max. Load: <300g (according to stainless steel density as calculation)
Copper Crucible
  • Dimensions: Φ45 mm(ID) x 52.5 mm(H)
  • Water cooling inside
  • Required Water Flowrate: ≥40 L/min
  • Max. Load: <  300g (according to stainless steel density as calculation)
  • Min.  Load: 》 5 g
  • 300 g melting capability is available upon request.
The requirement for water and Gas
Quartz Tube

80 mm OD x 72mm ID. x 300mm L

Vacuum Flange
  • One pair of Vacuum Flanges with double high-temperature silicon O-rings
  • Max. Vacuum Pressure:
    • <5pa (4x10-2 torr) by mechanical pump (included)
    • <5x10-3pa (4x10-6 torr) by turbopump
  • Top flange is the hinged type for easy sample loading and one vacuum-sealed flip shovel is built-in to melt the sample in multi-times
  • The bottom flange can be controlled automatically for easy sample loading
Vacuum Pump
  • One heavy-duty mechanical pump with exhaust filter is included, and place inside the mobile case.
  • KF25 adapter, bellow, and valve are included for immediate use
  • Turbopump is available upon request at extra cost
Compliance  NRTL or CSA Certification is available upon request  at extra cost
Product Dimensions
Warranty &
One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost
Application Notes
  • The flow rate of gases should be limited to < 200 SCCM (200 ml/min)
  • The Melting System are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.02 MPa / 0.2 Bar/ 3 psi. Gas build-up with pressure levels exceeding over 3 PSI may cause irreversible damage to the furnace chamber.  
    • A pressure regulator must be installed on your input gas tank
    • The output gas pressure must be set below 3 PSI at all times after opening the gas tank with the gas maintained in a continuous flowing condition. 
    • Never heat the furnace while the gas release valve is closed, and a positive pressure condition exists within the furnace chamber.
    • The pressure gauge must be used to closely monitor the chamber condition at all times during the heating.
    • Open the gas release valve immediately once the chamber pressure has reached over 3 PSI to prevent unforeseeable damages.
  • Attention: 
    Understand the standard procedure for vacuum melting and inert gas melting prior to operation. Read the manual carefully. Monitor and properly control the inside pressure of reaction vessel at all time during operation. Otherwise, failure of operation may result in irreversible damage to the equipment or personal injury
  • For customization inquiries, please complete the "Customize Induction Heating System Form" and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Operation Manual & Video
Net Weight 260 kg (575 lbs)


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