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Li-Ion Battery Anode -Double Layer CMS Graphite Coated on Copper Foil (241mm L x 200mm W x 90um Thick) 5 sheets/bag bc-cf-241-ds

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This electrode sheet is based on copper foil coated by carbon in the double sides, and  
is used as the anode electrode of Li-Ion battery -- 5 sheets /bag


  • Current collector (substrate): Copper foil, 9 micron
  • Anode material: Composite Graphite
  • Active powder SSA (BET): 3~5 m^2/g
  • Binder: SBR+CMC
  • Double sides active material density: 120g/㎡
  • Active Material Weight: 5.0176g
  • Active Material Proportion in Powder: 95.70%
  • Length: 241mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Total Thickness: 110 um +/- 8 um
  • Foil Thickness: 10 um +/- 3 um
  • Coating Thickness:100 um +/- 5 um (double side coated)
  • Specific Capacity: 330mAh/g ( Measured by IEC standard : 0.2C current, 4.2V -2.5V cut off . Half cell )
  • Net Weight: 14 g
  • Double side coated
  • Qty: 5 Sheets/bag
  • Note:  if you use the electrode sheet for single layer button cell, you shall
    remove one layer coating with sandpaper to make one side contact to the button cell case.
    How to make a water-based electrode (graphite for the anode) for your reference:
    1. Weight Ratio (All other weights depends on how much active power your will use):
    Active Powder: 92.5%
    CMC: 1.5%
    SBR liquid: 2.5%
    Conductive: 3.5%
    Absolute Alcohol: 15ml/kg graphite
    DI water: At least 125% of graphite
    2. Make liquid thicken agent:
    Heat up Deionized water to 60C and then slowly put the CMC into it and keep stirring unless all of them dissolved.
    3. Put alcohol into 125% Deionized water and then to conductive powder to stir.
    4. Put active powder into 3 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)
    5. Put liquid thicken agent into 4 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)
    6. Put SBR into 5 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)
    7. Take a little sample and test the viscosity, if, in 3000-5000 mPa·s, it is OK to coat, if over, put some Deionized water, if less, the binder in (CMC and SBR)

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