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Linear PowerProbe (LPP Series)

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Lesker Linear PowerProbe (LPP Series)


Magnetically Coupled Sample Transfer Drives

  • Professional-grade transfer tools for linear or combined linear and rotary motion for UHV applications

Five models available

  • Linear PowerProbe — for guided, smooth, linear motion only
  • PowerProbe — for combined linear and rotary motion
  • Axis Selected PowerProbe — functions as the PowerProbe, but allows the axis of rotation to be fixed
  • Elevating PowerProbe for linear motion and vertical lift of the end effector
  • Dual Axis PowerProbe for linear motion and rotary motion of a second internal shaft

Linear PowerProbe Features

Use where linear translation only is required and twisting or turning of the sample would be undesirable.

An anti-rotation system is fitted internally, ensuring straight, in-line motion, despite any rotation of the external drive carriage. This removes the need for external linear guide bars used by other manufacturers.

  • Linear Motion Only
  • No External Guidance Required
  • 10x the Thrust of Conventional Probes
  • Fully Bakeable to 250°C
  • Motorization Options
  • Position Switch Options
  • Adjustable Stop Collar

NOTE: * Maximum recommended internal load carrying capacity will be a function of probe extension, but we recommend not to exceed a moment of 50 Nm.






Lesker Linear PowerProbe (LPP Series)

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