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Linear Motion

Linear Shift Introduction

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Lesker Linear Shift Introduction

The Kurt J. Lesker linear Shift Mechanisms (linear translators) provide linear motion along the port axis (Z). Typical applications include the positioning of beamline filters, adjustment of sputter sources and deposition stages through to production style wafer applications. Fully bakeable to 250°C, the range is supplied on CF flanges and provides true UHV performance.

The bellows sealed Linear Shift Mechanisms provide smooth, precise motion via a kinematically-designed external leadscrew driven mechanism complete with anti-rotation and anti-deflection systems. This design ensures smooth and precise motion along the Z axis. The range has a high load capability ensured through its rigid construction.

The bellows are manufactured from 316L stainless steel as standard and offer a minimum design life of 10,000 cycles. Customized units are available offering a design life of up to 1 million cycles.



Lesker Linear Shift Introduction


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