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LiNiCoMnO2 (Ni:Co:Mn=5:2:3) Powder for High Power Li-ion Battery Cathode 200g/bottle - EQ-Lib-LNCM523

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LiNiCoMnO2 (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) powder for Li-ion power battery cathode  200g/bottle (Ni:Co:Mn=5:2:3)Specification

Item Description Testing Method
D10 (μm) ≤ 5.0 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
D50 (μm) 10.0-14.0
D90 (μm) ≥25.0
Appearance Dark brown powder, atmospheric stability
Elements Proportions Ni:Co:Mn = 5:2:3
Ni+Co+Mn (%) ≥58 Volumetry
Li (%) 7.00-8.00 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Inductively Coupled Plasma
Fe (%) ≤0.01
Na (%) ≤0.03
Cu (%) ≤0.005
H2O (%) ≤0.05 Coulometric KF Titrator
PH ≤ 11.50 PH Tester
H2O (%) ≤ 0.1 Moisture Analyzer
Specific Surface Area (m2/g) 0.20-0.40 BET Analyzer
Specific Capacity (mAh/g) [1st cycle">     XRD

    Particle Size

Application Notes

  1. Please click to see Procedure for Preparing Anode & Cathode Electrode Slurry.
  2. Please keep the powder in vacuum box to avoid moisture.
  3. Please bake the powder in a vacuum oven at 120 - 150 °C before making slurry and coating to ensure max. capacity.

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