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Lithium Foil (0.75 mm thick x 19mm W x 2600 mm L) for Li-ion Battery R&D, 22g/bag - EQ-Lib-LiF25

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Lithium metal is widely used for Li-ion rechargeable battery R&D, Please click the link below to see a paper published in Nature Communication" which use MTI metal foil:     
High rate and stable cycling of lithium metal anode
Jiangfeng QianWesley A. HendersonWu XuPriyanka BhattacharyaMark Engelhard,, Oleg Borodin Ji-Guang Zhang
Purity 99.9% Lithium
Melting Point 180.5 °C
  • 0.534 g/cm3
  • Silver
  • 0.75mm thick x 19mm wide, roughly 3 meters long 
Chemical Ingredients
lithium 99.9%
sodium 0.020%
potassium 0.005%
calcium 0.020%
iron 0.005%
nitrogen 0.020%
silicon 0.008%
chlorine 0.006%
aluminum 0.0050%
nickel 0.0030%
copper 0.0040%
magnesium 0.010%
Net Weight
  • 22g/bag
  • sealed in Al bag with filled Ar
  • Clean the surface of the lithium foil using a nylon brush/stainless steel scalpel until a shiny silvery surface appears (inside an argon glovebox).
Safety Data Sheet
  • The package must be opened and stored inside a glove box with Argon Gas and moisture less than 8 ppm and O2 less than 2 PPM.   Never use N2 gases in the glovebox!!!
  • No return or refund for misusing or wrong storage which causes The lithium foil oxidation

  • MTI does not accept international orders due to restrictions on hazard material exportation!!!
  • MTI reserves the right to charge an additional handling fee due to special shipping/handling requirements.
  • Operation and Storage: Lithium is very active in the air, please carefully read the SDS carefully.
  • Lithium foil may be oxidized during handling and storage.  if you find any oxidation on the surface of the Li-foil,  please use a nylon brush/stainless steel scalpel to remove it before using it.
  • If the Li metal is stored in mineral oil, please refer to this guide on How to clean mineral oil off Lithium metal using anhydrous Toluene
  • If you would like to thinner foil,  please consider using the rolling machine by DIY

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