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MCMB (MesoCarbon MicroBeads) Graphite Powder for Li-ion Battery Anode, 250g/bag - EQ-Lib-MCMB

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  • Chemical: MCMB (MesoCarbon MicroBeads)
  • Appearance: Black PowderPackage: 250g/bottle,
  • container sealed in Al vacuumed bag.
  • Grain size report

Unit Data Testing Method
D10 µm 8.087 Mastersizer 2000
D50 µm 17.649 Mastersizer 2000
D90 µm 33.080 Mastersizer 2000
Tap Density g/cm3 1.324 FZS4-4
Moisture 0.035 Sartorius HN101-Drying Tankder
Carbon (C) 99.96 Sartorius KSW-Heat Oven
Specific Surface Area m2/g 2.022 ST-08 SSA
First Discharge Capacity mAh/g 345.2 Half cell test
First Coulombic Effiency % 93.40 Half cell test

Application Notes

  1. Please click to see Procedure for Preparing Anode & Cathode Electrode Slurry.
  2. Please keep the powder in the vacuum box to avoid moisture.
  3. Please bake the powder in a vacuum oven at 120 - 150 °C before making slurry and coating to ensure max. capacity.

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