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MDX Series

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These proven Lesker DC power supplies are ideal for laboratory use where superior arc control during sputtering is required.

Lesker Advanced Energy's MDX Series DC power supplies range in power levels from 500W to 80kW. They are intended primarily for DC magnetron sputtering, but are also used in cathodic arc deposition and as DC bias sources. They are compact and over 90% efficient. As a safety feature, they have low stored energy at the outlet. Special circuitry enables arc suppression for arc-sensitive applications and arc control for sustained arcing applications. Front panel Controls switch regulation between constant power, current, or voltage while permitting the power to be ramped to the set point. The higher power outputs (5kV and above) have extensive secondary controls and displays for target life, remote operation, RS-232 interfacing, self-diagnostics, etc.

MDX 500W Series

The Lesker MDX 500 is intended for continuous hard use in a vacuum environment. It's a leading performer in basic magnetron sputtering, DC sputtering with RF bias, and DC-biased RF sputtering. Its small size makes it well-suited for laboratory systems and small-scale production environments.

  • Built-in protection
  • Reliability and serviceability
  • User I/O access

MDX 1.0kW and 1.5kW Series

Lesker MDX Series 1 kW and 1.5 kW supplies are ideal for continuous hard use in a vacuum environment. They are most commonly used as DC magnetron sputtering drives where tight regulation, superior arc quenching, and low stored output energy make them an industry leader. They are also used as tightly regulated bias supplies in RF sputtering and etching systems. Their small size has made them the primary choice for laboratory systems.

  • Two configurations for standard Z and low Z applications
  • Switchmode conversion module provides over 90% efficiency from line to load
  • Arc-out suppression circuitry


MDX Series

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