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Mini Arc Melter for Button Sample and Tube Sealing (2 in 1) for Glove-box - EQ-SP-MSM130

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EQ-SP-MSM130 is a mini-arc melter, which can be placed inside the glovebox for processing air-sensitive materials. It is a smart tool to melt air-sensitive alloy, then seal the sample inside Ta or any metallic tube by arc welding for crystal growth. It also can be used outside the glovebox with the optional vacuum casting capability.



  • The water-cooled copper hearth has 4 small cavities for alloy melting of 30 g up to 2500ºC max
  • The tube holder in the center allows you to seal the Ta tube by arc melting
  • Powerful arc melting power supply enables reliable, stable arc ignition
  • 6.6 " ID (168 mm) quartz chamber for easy observation during operation
  • Compact footprint: can put in a standard Ar gas glovebox with a purification system
  • The power and water feedthrough will be needed when using in the glovebox
Power Supply  
  • Input voltage: 110 or 220 VAC selectable, single phase
  • Input current: 34A max. (One 40A breaker is installed in the power supply. Recommended wall breaker amp ≥ 40A
  • Output DC output:
    • 15 V / 125 A at 35% duty cycle - 110 V input
    • 18 V / 185 A at 35% duty cycle - 220 V input
  • Minimum DC current output: 5 A
  • Pulse DC and AC output modes available
  • Foot pedal control of the output current
Tungsten Electrode Gun
  • 4 mm Dia. tungsten electrode without water cooling  
  • Max. melting time is 30 seconds for each arc melting
  • Easy electrode tilting and height adjustment (30 mm max) for multiple-cavity melting
  • Capable of melting samples < 8 g (SS304) in each cavity        
Copper Hearth
  • Water-cooled copper hearth ( 90 mm diameter) with 4 cavities of φ23x H7 mm.
  • One tube holder is in the center of the hearth to accept metallic tube 9.5 - 12 mm in dia. x 30~90 mm in length
  • the other size tube holder is available upon request
  • Quartz chamber with vacuum-sealed flange
  • Quartz Tube size: OD180 mm x ID 168 mm x Height 128 mm
  • Gas inlet & outlet, and KF25 port are installed in the bottom of the flange
  • Vacuum level: 10-5 torr by the turbopump
  • Note:  For use inside Ar gas glovebox, no vacuum pump and gas flow are necessary.  You can open all valves to use purified Ar gas inside the glovebox to melt the sample. However, The power and water feedthrough will be needed at the extra cost.
Water Chiller & Gas 
  • Water cooling is required for the chamber, copper mold, and electrode. Please check out our EQ-KJ5000 recirculation water chiller
  • Water pipe for MTI Water Chiller is Size: 12mm O.D x 8mm I.D
Option for Casting 
  • The water-cooled casting mold by vacuum suction is available upon request at the extra cost
  • The casting mold is made of copper and only can be located underneath one of the cavity
  • Standard casting mold is for the rod of 6 mm dia x 50 mm L. Other size rods (3-5 mm) are available
  • The casting mold kit includes all necessary components as the picture below for immediate use
Options for use without a glovebox
  • For using outside glovebox,  vacuum pump and bellows, as well as the front protection cover with welding glass (Pic. left) shall be added as optional at the extra cost
  • High purity inert gas with at least 5N purity (> 99.999%) is required (not included)
  • 5% Hydrogen + 95% Argon gas may be used to prevent oxidation during the melting process.
  • The vacuum pump is optional and the vacuum level is dependent on the vacuum pump used:
  • The mini-arc milter can be placed in the standard glovebox for oxygen-free processing. (Pic. left)
Furnace Dimensions 
Operation Video            
Net Weight
  • 15 kg
  • CE certified
  • UL or CSA certification by NRTLs is available at an extra cost. Please contact us for the quote. Click here to understand the certificate and condition.
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support

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