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MKS 1152C Mass Flow Controllers

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Lesker MKS 1152C Mass Flow Controllers

Mass flow controllers for vapors, MKS 1150C and MKS 1152C, are well-suited for semiconductor applications.

MKS 1152C

The Kurt J. Lesker MKS Instruments' model 1152C is a mass flow controller for condensable vapors. Flow measurement is based on a laminar flow tube with capacitance manometers measuring the absolute pressure at each end. Using the average pressure and the pressure difference between the two manometers enables a precise flow measurement. Feedback to a proportioning solenoid valve upstream of the flow element controls that flow. The vapor source materials can be either solid or liquid, providing its vapor pressure and evaporation rate are high enough (at a temperature below the controlled 150º C of model 1152C) to produce adequate flow through the flow tube to meet the application's needs.


  • 316L stainless steel body
  • All-metal seal materials
  • Uses principle of laminar viscous flow through a flow tube
  • Upstream and downstream pressure measurement using two capacitance manometers
  • Feedback to proportioning solenoid valve for (pressure) flow control
  • Compact assembly, temperature-controlled at 150° C
  • LED and relay indicates temperature status
  • Controls vapor flows, including: TEOS, TEG, and TEAL

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Lesker MKS 1152C Mass Flow Controllers

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