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Multi Functional Vacuum Sealer For Pouch Cell ( 340x340x12mm) - MSK-115A-LS

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EQ-MSK-700C is customized and manually operated large cup forming machine with Max/  600 x 600 mm pouch die , which is designed for making large pouch cell in battery research lab.  
MSK-115A-LS is a larger vacuum sealing machine designed for both solid-state and liquid pouch cell battery final sealing. The machine could be used for the top and side hot sealing without vacuum and vacuum standing without heating, as well as purging function before vacuum sealing.
The vacuum level, the relative positive pressure level, the vacuum, and the pressure times are adjustable.  The purging function will remove the oxygen and moisture in the chamber and helps the solid-state pouch cell batteries to form a better SEI layer during the first cycling. This vacuum sealer can be used in the glove box with Argon atmosphere or dry room.


Working Voltage
  • AC110V or 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Please select the voltage in the options menu
  • 1,500 W
Control Panel
  • 4,5" touch screen panel controls all necessary parameters for automatic operation, including:
    • Purging pressure and time, as well cycle time  ( -90KPa - 100Pa)
    • Sealing mode:  side / top-sealing without vacuum or Vacuum sealing
    • Sealing Temperature:        RT -   250ºC Max. ( +/- 2 ºC)  adjustable
    • Vacuum standing time:   0 - 900 S Adjustable ( Vaccum level 10-2 torr)
    • Heated sealing time:          0 - 90 S adjustable  ( 3 - 4 second suggested)
  • A compressive air pump or inert gas cylinder may be needed.  Pls click pic 1 to order
  • The vacuum pump is required for vacuum standing and final sealing  ( optional, click pic 2 to order)
  • For high vacuum, you can choose a turbo pump, which can reach a 10-4 torr vacuum level. Pls, click the pic. 3 to order
  • Pic. 1Pic. 2  Pic. 3
Back Panel
  • Inert gas port, compressive gas port, and vacuum ports are installed on the back panel
  • You need an air pump to operate ( optional, click Pic. 1 to order)
  • You need an inert gas tank to purge the chamber ( not included)
Working Area

  • Maximum pouch cell size: 340mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 12mm (H) 
  • Refer to the Standard sealing area pic below to find out the maximum size of the battery pouch that can be placed in the working area.
  • The larger size may available upon request and built based on the order
  • Multiple pouch cells sealing module
    • Multiple pouch cells  one-time sealing
    • The pouch cell module set could be customized due to request at an extra cost
Spring Loaded Pressure Board

  • Equips with a Spring Loaded Pressure Board to push air out of the pouch cell before vacuuming
  • Produces a much tighter and neater sealing result
  • Max. working pouch cell thickness: 12mm
  • For sealing pouch cells that are thicker than 12mm, simply remove the pressure board
Sealing Blade
  • Copper made a sealing blade with rubber buffer (soft-sealing)
  • 340 mm x  6 mm (The sealing blade depth and width could be customized at an extra cost)
  • Parallelism tolerance: 0.03 mm
Sealing Pressure
  • Maximum: 2.4 kN
Heating Time
  • 0 - 99 seconds Adjustable
Sealing Temperature
  • 50 - 250°C adjustable with control accuracy of +/-2°C
Glove Box Compatibility
  • A KF40 Feedthrough for Glovebox is included in the package.
  • Please use high-purity inert gasses (Ar or N2), when operating in the glove box. Using Air Compressor driven when operating outside the glove box.
  • DO NOT set the pressure gauge above 90 psi (0.6 Mpa)!
Product Dimensions
  • 530 mm L x 490 mm W x 600 H
Product Weight
  • 114 kg (250 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions
  • 48" x 40" x 35"
Shipping Weight
  • 390 lbs
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost
  • The patent 201220296252. X for the Pouch Cell Sealing Machine MSK-115A-L since January 2013.
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage conditions or maintenance are not covered by the warranty.
Operation  Video    
Application Notes
 MSK-115A-LS  Large Vacuum Sealer with Pouch Auto-Piercing Function 1
 MTI-115AL-FH  KF-40 Vacuum Feed-through with all connectors 1
EQ-BARB-KF25 Barbed fitting to KF-25 Adapter  1  
 MSK-115ALS-3  Foot pedal controller 1  
 MSK-115ALS-4  Spare Polyurethane Tube (O.D 8/12 mm) 1 set  
 MSK-115ALS-5  Hexagonal screwers 2
 MSK-115ALS-6  AC Power Cord (Note: 220V AC Power plug not included. Please click here to order the plug) 1

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