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NANO 36™ – Affordable, Compact Sputtering or Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System

NANO 36™ – Affordable, Compact Sputtering or Thermal Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System

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The Kurt J. Lesker Company® NANO 36™ is our optimized, entry level deposition system. Our chamber design is uniquely suited for glovebox integration. With increased capabilities and a smaller footprint, the NANO 36 provides an accessible price point while maintaining the quality you expect from KJLC.

The NANO 36 is compatible with the following deposition techniques:

  • Thermal Evaporation (up to four 2" boat assemblies)
  • Torus® Magnetron Sputtering sources (up to three 2" or 3" sources)
  • 1cc or 10cc LTE Organic deposition sources (up to four)
  • Combination of two Thermal and two LTE sources
  • Custom configurations are available upon request

KJLC's software allows user friendly recipe creation along with a reliable, uninterruptable processing module that allows process completion, regardless of the state of the computer user interface. 



Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-ProcessChamber-DoorsBackplate-001.jpg
Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-ProcessChamber-DoorsBackplate-001.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-ProcessChamber-DoorsBackplate-002.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModel-ProcessChamber-002.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-ProcessChamber-DoorsBackplate-003.jpg

Process Chamber

  • Removable and reconfigurable top and bottom plates on ISO 250 ports (10" tube)
  • Horizontally oriented cylindrical stainless steel chamber body
  • Spring-loaded, pendulum style, full-access, aluminum front door
  • Appropriate pumping, process, gauging and instrumentation ports are included
  • Quantity (2) viewports included in the chamber door. Viewports each have 1.26" Ø viewing area.

Vacuum Pumping & Gauging


Fully enclosed system electronics rack.

  • *Compact frame, 30.00" wide x 32.00" deep x 44.15" high (762mm wide x 812.8mm deep x 1121.4mm high)
  • EMO Protection is standard on all KJLC systems.
  • Isolation transformer and safety interlocks are standard on all KJLC systems.

*System dimensions and mounting dependent on options selected.


Utilizing industry leading components allows KJLC to produce the highest quality PVD R&D tool on the market. Components and key manufacturing points are:

  • One year warranty standard
  • Pfeiffer Turbomolecular pumps
  • KJLC Low Temperature Sources
  • KJLC Torus sputter sources, and power supplies
  • Orbital welding on all process gas lines / manifolds
ISO Certification



Pumping Options

  • Dry Pump - Edwards nXDS6i - 3.6 cfm (6.2 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.

HV Valves

  • 3-position gate valve for Pfeiffer 260 L/sec turbo


Process Equipment Options

Low Temperature Evaporation Sources (Up to Four)

  • 1cc and 10cc Sources
  • Unique Plugin Design
  • Easy to Refill and Maintain
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options
  • KJLC 10cc and 1cc (Low Temperature Evaporation) source, suitable for Organic and low temperature materials (0-550°C)

Thermal Evaporation Source (Up to Four)

  • KJLC Thermal evaporation (TE) assembly, Up to four 2" thermal evaporation sources (in sequential and co-deposition configurations)
  • Standard thermal power supply (12v @ 400A)
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options

Low Temperature Evaporation Sources (Up to Two) and Thermal Evaporation Source (Up to Two)

  • Provides capability to have up to two LTE and up to two Thermal Evaporation sources on one base plate
  • Source sizes available are the same on the combination base plate as on the LTE only and Thermal Evaporation only base plates
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with the combination base plate option

Torus® Magnetron Sputtering Source (Up to Three)

  • Up to Three KJLC Torus® 2" or 3" magnetron sputtering sources. Flex head assembly and high strength magnet assembly options available.

For more information on our new Mag Keeper sources please see the following link.

(Up to Three) Power Supplies

  • 500W, and 1kW, and 1.5kW KJLC® DC power supplies
  • 300W KJLC RF power supply
  • Quartz crystal monitor is available with sputtering options


Substrate Options


Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-003-BU.jpg

Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-003-BU.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-003-TD.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-004-BU.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-004-TD.jpg
Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-005-BU.jpg Click to view Photo-SY-K-2018-Nano36-BaseModelSystemPlatform_SubFix-005-TD.jpg

The Nano 36 is designed to allow the use of square substrates 100mm x 100mm or smaller and round substrates up to 150mm diameter or smaller. The substrate platen accommodates multiple size substrates using a KJLC multi-site fixture and substrate clips. Custom substrate/mask holders are available upon request.

Standard substrate fixture options include:

  • Rotation (up to 20 rpm)
  • Rotation with heating (up to 350°C)
  • Rotation with water cooling




Upstream Pressure Control

  • Up to two Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controllers and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer

Reactive Depositions

  • One Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controller and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer
  • One Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controller for a reactive gas.

Glovebox Adaptors

The Nano 36 is now easily integrated with a glove box. The process chamber features spring-loaded, pendulum style, full-access, aluminum doors. This new chamber design makes opening and closing the chamber door inside the glovebox a snap while providing quick and easy access to your substrate fixture and deposition sources. We also designed in a chamber back door option for glovebox integrated systems to allow chamber access while maintaining glovebox integrity.

Kurt J Lesker is able to offer a wide array of standard and custom glovebox suites, from a standard 4 port or 6 port arrangement, to custom lengths and depths.

Glovebox Specifications

  • All stainless steel construction of the glovebox
  • Specifically designed to integrate with KJL deposition system
  • All stainless steel Swagelok valves, fittings and piping
  • Modular design (for easy expansion)
  • Lexan front window
  • Quick release front window
  • Electrical feedthrough with a six (6) outlet power strip
  • LED light fixtures
  • All stainless steel antechamber; size 15" diameter x 24"L with sliding tray
    • Shock assisted door lifting mechanisms
  • All stainless steel mini antechamber; size 8" diameter x 15"L
  • Stainless steel stand with leveling feet and casters
  • Stainless steel vacuum gauges
  • Adjustable bin storage unit (adjustable shelving)
  • Spare KF40 feedthroughs
  • Two (2) HEPA gas flow filters; one (1) inlet, one (1) outlet
  • Push button evacuation and refill of antechamber
  • All stainless steel 24V DC solenoid valve for refill of antechamber
  • Automatic electro-pneumatic valve for evacuation of the antechamber (KF40)
  • Common vent line
  • Stainless steel filter column for the removal of oxygen and moisture including automatic electro-pneumatic valves (KF40 size)
  • Fully automatic system with Siemens PLC control unit and 7" color touch screen with built in operating instructions and system diagnostics. Includes:
    • O2, H20 and pressure trending
    • Maintenance alarms
    • Power saver mode for vacuum pump/lights (optional)
  • Automatic regeneration process using 3-5% hydrogen gas mixture
  • Capable of removing 36 liters of oxygen from inert gas before needing a regeneration
  • Capable of removing 1300 grams of moisture from inert gas before needing a regeneration
  • Continuous oxygen monitoring
  • Continuous moisture monitoring
  • Includes 50 cfm circulation blower
  • Built for continuous operation
  • Manual solvent removal system including stainless steel filter column, 10lbs of activated carbon, manual bypass and isolation valves, evacuation and refill valves, and refill drain port (optional)
  • Automatic solvent removal system including stainless steel filter column with 20lbs of molecular sieve, automatic bypass and isolation valves with automatic reactivation of filter material (optional)
  • Automatic purge valve-200 L/min flow rate

Glovebox Options

Along with the gloveboxes and system adaptor boxes the following accessories can be supplied:

  • Spin Coaters
  • Hot Plates
  • UV Ozone Curing
  • Regenerable Solvent Purification System
  • Other accessories upon request


The NANO 36 offers a Pfeiffer 260 L/s turbomolecular pump and KJLC RV206 oil sealed rough pump as standard components with an option to select an Edwards nXDS6i - 3.6 cfm (6.2 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.

Base pressure specification for the NANO 36 is 9 x 10-7 Torr.


The Nano 36 offers single and multi-technique deposition options (Thermal + LTE only) including thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering (Torus).

Only KJLC offers Mag-Keeper sputter sources with zero o-rings in the cathode body and a magnetically coupled target to allow for easy target changes. (A game changer when changing a target through a glove box!) Our "patent pending" cooling well design enables operation at power densities ≥ 200 watts/.in2. This cathode is designed to sputter up to a 0.375" thick target on the 3" cathode and up to a 0.250" thick target on the 2" cathode. The high strength design is able to sputter up to a 0.125" thick Fe target with 3" cathodes, or 0.0625" thick Fe target with 2" Mag-Keepers. Without a hold down clamp or dark space shield this cathode is capable of running as low as ≤ 1mTorr. The unique dome shutter design eliminates the need for additional cross contamination shielding required with standard flip or swing shutters.

To learn more about sputtering rates and uniformity, click here.



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