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Ni-Based Superalloy High Pressure Hydro-thermal Reactor 1100C Max, Optional Volume 65ml &100ml - RC-Ni100-V

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RC-Ni-V is a compact reactor made of Ni-base Superalloy, which has excellent creep strength and anti-oxidation. It can reach 1100 °C with a pressure up to 4Mpa under oxygen or inert gases. It is an ideal tool for preparing advanced material by hydrothermal method, especially heat treat sample under high oxygen pressure.
Structure  Made of Ni-Based Super-alloy  ( Waspaloy or equivalent  )
Reactor Capacity & Dimensions (Please select the volumn in the option bar)
  • 55mm OD x 20mm ID x 210 mm height, 65 mL capacity
  • 65mm OD x 25mm ID x 210 mm height, 100 mL capacity
working Temperature RT -  1100 °C Max.
Working Pressure
(65 mL capacity)
  • 36 MPa (5292 PSI)     Max at 500°C
  • 21 MPa (3046 PSI)     Max. at 800 °C
  • 12.5 MPa (1813 PSI)     Max. at 900 °C
  • 6.3 MPa   (914  PSI)      Max. at 1000 °C
  • 4.2 MPa   (609  PSI)      Max. at 1100°C
Working Pressure
(100mL capacity)
  • 20 MPa (2900 PSI)   Max. at 800 °C
  • 12 MPa (1740 PSI)   Max. at 900 °C
  • 6 MPa (870 PSI)       Max. at 1000 °C
  • 4 MPa ( 580PSI)       Max. at 1100 °C
Net Weight
  • 65 ml: 11 kg
  • 100ml: 15 kg
Accessories SS306 needle valve with 1/4 pipe connector included
Optional Upgrades  ( click picture to review details )      

304SS 1/4" O.D tube fitting -for connecting reactor to a gas tank via 1/4" SS pipe

You may click the picture  to order digit-pressure gauge 

Click picture above to  order a pressure relieft valve for safety operation
Optional: You may insert the reactor into the vertical furnace with a Temperature controller to 1100°C. ( click the picture to order the whole system
  • For your safety,  the high-pressure vessel and furnace must be placed inside an explosive-proof box during use under the high-pressure box or under fume hood.  never face on the top flange to avoid an accident.
  • Attention: Due to the high-pressure gas output from the gas cylinder, it is necessary to install the gas pressure regulator with it to reduce the output pressure, avoid overpressurizing the furnace chamber and ensure a safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
  • Recommend using a torque spanner to tighten the screws with the flange. Proper torque should be used is 200 N⋅m. Do not over-tightening the flange screws as this may cause damages to the flange or screws.

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