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NRTL Certified 25L 200C Vacuum Oven (12x12x11") with Digital Temperature Controller- DZF-6020-Series

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DZF-6020-Series is a vacuum oven with a KF25 adapter and a leaking valve for venting. The maximum working temperature is 200°C. Max vacuum level can reach 10-5 torr at room temperature SPECIFICATIONS:

Model DZF-6020-ETL-110 DZF-6020-CE-220
Chamber and Door
  • The chamber is structured with stainless steel and welded to bracing pieces
  • The Inner Chamber size: 300 mm x 295 mm x 275 mm (12 x 12 x 11", 25 Liter, 0.91 cu-ft)
  • A good vacuum sealing is achieved by the silicone gasket and the positive latch door
  • The double layers observation window consists of 1/2" tempered glass and a transparent polycarbonate shield
  • Two stainless steel shelves are included to facilitate process efficiency
  • An adjustable leak valve for venting is included
  • KF25 Port on the back of the oven for connecting with the vacuum pump
  Vacuum Level
  • Ultimate pressure with the  240 L/m mechanical pump only: < 50 mTorr (at 200°C), 8 mTorr at R.T. after bake-out
  • Ultimate pressure with 33 L/s turbopump: 5E-5 Torr (at R.T.), 1 mTorr at 200°C
  • The vacuum pump is not included. Please order separately
  • Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Recommended. Please click the pictures below to order the pump             
 Working Voltage
  • AC110V 50/60 Hz
  • AC220V 50/60Hz
 Input Power
  • 700 W
  Working Temperature
  • RT+10 ~ 200°C for the continuous use
   Temperature Controller
  • Single-point temperature setting
  • Built-in over-temperature protection
  • PID precise temperature control
  • Temperature control accuracy: +/-1°C
  • Temperature uniformity: +/-5°C @ 100°C, 25" Hg at center 6" x 6" area only                     
  • KF25 port is built-in for connecting a vacuum pump
Standard Package
Optional Accessories
  • Oven: 580 x 472 x 450 mm (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 200 lbs  48" x 36" x 35"
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty with Life-Time Support (Note: the silicone door gasket is not covered by warranty)
Compliance   NTRL (ETL) Certificated CE Certificated
Operation Instruction            
Application Notes
  • For accurate temperature measurement, you may do calibration by using the temperature calibrating kit
  • For more information on how to calibrate the oven temperature, please review  How to calibrate the oven
  • An optional 4-pin electric feedthrough could be installed in the oven at an extra cost, which provides a direct electric connection without breaking the vacuum. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inquiries
  • It's normal that the SS chamber wall will be slightly deformed and lose its shiny surface during high-temperature operation under a vacuum. However, this would not affect any performance
  • Please do not place the sample on the chamber bottom directly
  • This product is not made by MTI but distributed for Shanghai Yiheng Manufacturer

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