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NRTL & CSA Certified Two Channel Battery Analyzer, 12 - 2000mA upto 18.5V With Laptop - BST-UBA5-LD

NRTL & CSA Certified Two Channel Battery Analyzer, 12 - 2000mA upto 18.5V With Laptop - BST-UBA5-LD

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BST-UBA5 is a compact two-channel precision battery analyzer with Laptop, which is features:
  • Works with all battery chemistries (NiCd, NiMH, SLA, lead-acid, lithium-ion, lithium polymer, and primary batteries).
  • Fully programmable: you can set all charge and discharge currents, voltage settings, and charge algorithms.
  • Includes easy to use and powerful software that allows you to graphically design your battery analysis routines and can simultaneously control over 100 UBA5s from one PC.
  • Can run one test cycle to check capacity or thousands to test battery life.
  • Comes with two channels that can each analyze a battery AT 1Ma - 2000mA range up to 18.5V
  • Stores all results in industry standard text format that you can import into your favorite spreadsheet
  • Battery temperature sensor option use ours, use yours, or use your battery’s built-in sensor.
  • Two-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Lead-free/RoHS, FCC approval, and CE Mark.


  • Two ranges: 0 to 6.5V and 0 to 18.5 V (accuracy ±0.2% rdg ±10mV) 
  • Li-ion cells:   1 to 5 cells in series 
  • NiCd, NiMH: 1 to 16 cells in series
  • Lead-acid:     1 to 9 cells in series
Capacity to measure
  • 20mA - 120Ah
Charging & Discharging Current
  • Charge at  1 mA - 2000 mA  per channel
  • Discharge at 12mA - 3000 mA per channel with 45W per channel limit (90W with both channels combined)
  • All power supplies are universal input, i.e. they work in North America, Europe, or Asia.   
Power limit
  • 45W per channel  (90W with both channels combined)
  • ±0.5% reading ±2mA
  • 0.1mAh
  • Battery input: Banana connectors (two pairs of cables with alligator clips included). 
  • Accessory ports Two. Allows expansion with analog inputs and digital output lines. 
  • Power input 15 to 26VDC, 4.5A max.
  • 120/240VAC universal power supply
  • Approvals CE and FCC, RoHS, and WEEE compliant.
  • Two-year parts and labor against defective materials and workmanship.
Dimension & Weight
  • 130mm x 170mm x 75mm (WxLxH),
  • 820 g
Software & Laptop
  • WinXP to Win10 & Linux-Wine Console software included.
  • The brand new laptop computer is included with pre-installed the software 
  • Note: First time user must buy the laptop to save time for installing and testing software
Optional at extra cost
  • Temperature probes ( 0- 100°C) for battery temperature monitoring and charge termination).  ( Pic.1. $75/ea)
  • Wifi adaptor which allows wireless control of the analyzer over an existing wifi network. ( Pic 2. $198)
  • The high current version of the UBA5 with a 10A  or 20A per channel maximum load current is available. It is designed for testing of lithium-ion single or two cell batteries. (Pic.3)
  • The high current version of the UBA5 with 44V, 60V  or 70V  per channel is available  ( Pic. 4 )
  • Labview driver is available for DIY software at the extra cost
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