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P2S5, Phosphorus Pentasulfide (100 g) for Solid State Electrolyte - Lib-PS

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Chemical Composition Phosphorus Pentasulfide (P2S5)
Purity Material Basis 99 %
Description Yellow to Yellow-Green
Size 75 microns
powder screened to 200 MESH
  • Density, 2.09 g/cm3.
  • Melting point, 288 °C
  • Boiling point, 514 °C 
XRD File  
  • 200 grams units in a glass container
  • Packed under dry inert gas
  • The glass container will be placed inside a sealable double-walled polyethylene pouch
  • The space between the pouch walls is filled with vermiculite
  • Each pouch will be placed in an inner 8"x8"x12" box to eliminate the possibility of movement during transit
  • The product filled boxes will be placed in a UN4GV21 authorized box.
  • The inner package will be surrounded by at least 3" of vermiculite packing as recommended by US  shipping regulations
  • The outer shipping container will be labeled in accordance with all US and International shipping regulations
Shipping Instructions
  • DOT regulations
  • Hazard class: 4.3
  • Identification number: UN1340
  • Packing group: II
  • Water-Reactive solid
Application Notes
  • Hygroscopic material; Highly flammable; Reacts with water; Contact with acids liberates toxic hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin
  • Always open inside glovebox.
  • Never add water to the powder
  • Can be used to synthesize Li7P3S11, Li2S-P2S5Li2S-P2S5-P2O5 for Li-S Battery Research.
  • Please click here to learn How to make Li7P3S11 compound “

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