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Inline Valves

anual Bellows Sealed SS Inline Valves (CF flanged; Copper bonnet)

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  • The moderate conductance of inline valves results from the gas flow making two right-angle turns through the valve.
  • Recommended for applications requiring a line-of-sight connection between two offset ports
  • Feature fluorocarbon o-ring seat seals, bellows-sealed shafts, and bonnet seals
  • Enable operation to 10-9 torr
  • Available in manual or pneumatic actuation
  • Can withstand intermittent baking to 200° C (150° C Continuous), improving ultimate vacuum

NOTE: Kurt J. Lesker Company check each valve with a helium mass spectrometer with a sensitivity of 2 x 10-10 std. cc/sec. before shipment. Pneumatic valves require a solenoid operator (sold separately). 




Lesker Manual Bellows Sealed SS Inline Valves (CF flanged; copper bonnet)


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