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Process Control Software

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Kurt J. Lesker intuitive MS Windows-based process control software is used on all three of Kurt J. Lesker ALD system platforms and conforms to SEMI E95 standards.

Process Control Software Features & Functions



  • Recipe driven MS Windows software
  • Screen designs conform to SEMI E95-0200 usability standards
  • Three levels of user access with password protection
  • Supervisory control over pumping, vent, and other manual operations
  • Additional control of MFCs, heating, and substrate rotation (where applicable)
  • Recipe database available for automatic process control programming
  • Remote diagnostics/service of system via modem connection

System Control Screens

  • Vacuum — valve position; pump status; vacuum status
  • Deposition — MFCs; valve status; plasma parameters (where applicable)
  • Interlocks
  • Heating — substrate heating; heated gas/vapor delivery line parameters
  • Motion — motor status; shutter positions
  • Navigational — maintenance; log-in; password level; data logging; vent

Reactant Delivery System & Chamber Design Overview

Kurt J. Lesker front-port loading ALD reactor chamber is designed for maximum flexibility while our versatile reactant delivery systems (RDS) can handle high and low pressure solid or liquid sources.

Learn more about our RDS and reactor chamber designs.

ALD System Platforms Overview

Kurt J. Lesker offers stand-alone ALD systems for basic research or completely integrated deposition systems for complex R&D applications. All three of Kurt J. Lesker ALD system platforms feature high speed ALD valves and integrated pumping, pressure measurement, and gas delivery packages optimized for your specific process.


Lesker KJLC Process Control Software for ALD Systems

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