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Puck Handling System

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Lesker Puck Handling System


To provide flexibility the sample transfer puck is larger than most competing products, at 33 mm diameter, such that a multitude of small samples can be mounted simultaneously, or a single larger sample can be mounted. A range of puck materials can be provided:

  • 316 stainless steel is used for the basic unit
  • Molybdenum pucks are provided when heating and heating/cooling options are selected
  • For the best in cooling with limited heating, copper pucks can be supplied

End Receptors

Receptors come in two basic configurations. One, providing sample tilt only (i.e. rotation about an axis lying in the plane of the sample), and one providing both tilt and azimuthal rotation (about the sample surface normal).

Both receptors accept the same sample puck which is latched in place through a positive bayonet actuation. The sample is electrically isolated to 500 V to provide for sample current measurement and biasing.


The End Receptors can be provided with an LN2 cooling system, which employs an ingenious LN2 tank design where the LN2 is in direct thermal contact with the receptor and also provides electrical isolation. There is no need for separate electrical insulation which then also acts as a good thermal insulator. In this way even the relatively large Puck can still be cooled to LN2 temperatures quickly.

K-type thermocouples are normally supplied unless there is a need for very low residual magnetic fields, in which case Type N would be preferred.

PBN Heater

A 200 W PBN coated graphite disc heater is installed immediately beneath the sample puck which can rapidly heat the sample to 1000C. A thermocouple is located inside the Puck receptor in close proximity to the Puck to measure temperature.

E-Beam Heating

For even higher temperature ‘flash heating’ of the Puck, an electrically floating filament is located immediately beneath the Puck, which when heated emits electrons that are accelerated onto the back side of the Puck. This can heat the Puck up to 1200C.

Sample Transfer

Sample transfer from an entry lock is accomplished using a PowerProbe magnetic transfer arm with a puck transfer fork mounted on the end.






Lesker Puck Handling System

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