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Reactive Ion Etcher

Reactive Ion Etcher

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  • Anisotropic Etching Characteristics
  • Fine machining performance
  • Accelerated by the DC BIAS
  • W / F and AWLL surface DAMAGE
  • Metal contamination, P / T, E / R Low
  • Temperature cooling


  • Chamber Unit
    • Material : Stainness304
    • Chamber size : (Optional)
    • Top shower head(Switched bias)
    • ¼”VCR vent port
    • Window port (I.D40mm)
    Pumping Unit(Gauge)
    • MKS NW40 Auto pressure control valve with
    • Controller
    • 600l/m Rotary pump
    • Capacitance gauge(10torr NW16)
    • ATM sensor
    • Option : High Vacuum unit Turbo pump(magnet type/Full range
    Chamber Unit
    • Material : Hard Anodizing Al with Ceramic insulator
    • 600watt RF power with Matching box
    • Water cooling
    • Max Sample size : 6inch
    • Option : Up/down / Heating - 400℃
    Pumping Unit(Gauge)
    • MKS Ar/O2/SF6 Mass flow controller
    • On/off Diaphram valve unit
    • Option : 2channel addition Gas leak sensor
    Gas Showerhead Unit
    • Material : Hard Anodizing Aluminum with insulator
    • ¼”VCR Gas input port
    Control Unit
    • 15inch Touch pa.nel control
    • System reciepe
    • Interlock (Water/Pneumatic air)
    • Data loading
    Consumable Parts
    • Vacuum sensor
    • Oil in Rotary Oil Pump
    • O-ring
    • Window
    • Pump

Facility Requirements

Electrical power 220VAC 1ph 30A
Compressed air 0.5~0.6Mpa
Compressed air input size 6 mm one touch fitting
Cooling water in/out 3/8" lok fitting (ø10)
cooling water flow Air temp 5~7liter/min
cooling water pressure 0.1~0.2Mpa
Safety exhaust size  
Gas input pressure 40psi
Gas port 4ch standard (Option 2ch Expansion)
Gas port Size 1/4"VCR fitting
Pump exhaust NW40
Rotary pump capacity 550liter/min(formblin)
Vent 1/4"lok fitting
Dry pump exhaust RF 600watt

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