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Replacement Top Pressing Rod for Pressing Dies - DieR

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Die-Rod is a replacement pressing rod for Pressing Dies. The pressing rod is made with the same material as the Die Sleeve but with a slightly smaller diameter to ensure the fit.


  • HRC 60 - 62 hardened steel
  • Ra 0.08μm highly polished steel
  • Max temperature: 200°C
Model Number Die03Rod Die06Rod Die10Rod Die12Rod
For Use With Die Die-03D Die-06D-B Die-10D-B Die-12D-B
E. Length: 29.5mm
F. Head Thickness: N/A
G. Diameter: ⌀3.175mm (1/8")
E. Length: 25.2mm
F. Head Thickness: 5mm
G. Diameter: ⌀6.35mm (1/4")
E. Length: 28.6mm
F. Head Thickness: 5.4 mm
G. Diameter: ⌀10mm
E. Length: 28mm
F. Head Thickness: 5mm
G. Diameter: ⌀12.7mm (1/2")
Package Content
  • One replacement top pressing rod. 
Safety Precaution
  • To avoid the risk of accidents and damage to the Pressing Die, please read these instructions carefully before installation and before using it for the first time.
  • Read the manual, especially the die installation schematic, before the operation.
  • Do not press flammable, explosive materials.
  • The operator must wear protective goggles.
  • You must have a hydraulic pellet press equipped with the Protection Cover, please click the pictures to the left to order.
  • To avoid damaging the die core and sleeve, we strongly recommend pressing powder with a professional laboratory hydraulic press to ensure the evenest pressing interface and uniform pressure force.
Application Notes
  • Small diameter Pressing Die Rods are extremely vulnerable to off-center compression. Always check the pressing surface for good surface contact before applying load.
  • Pressing Dies and replacement Rods are consumable and will not be covered by warranty.

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