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SiC Heating Element for KSL-1500X-S Muffle Furnace - EQ-KSL-1500XS-HEL

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  • Materials: SiC
  • Working Temperature: max. 1500oC, Continuous working temperature 1400oC
  • Replaces Heating elements for  MTI KSL- 1500X-S Furnace only ( each furnace has 4pcs such U type heating elements )
  • Dimension:A:270mm    B:42mm    C:12 mm
  • WARNING: The heating element is made of highly brittle material,  avoid applying stress during installation. No warranty will be provided for damage caused by improper installation. (Make sure the width of ceramic separator matches the heating element gap; a round file can be used to grate the ceramic separator)

Electric Properties of SiC Heating Elements

  • SiC heating element has a rather large specific resistance which changes with rise in temperature.  It has a resistance value of 600 ~ 1000 2 /m when the surface of its heat-generating part reaches 1050 oC while being heated in air.  
  • The curve below illustrates the surface resistivity of SiC. Its values decline when temperature is below 1000 oC; rise when above 1000 oC.

Surface resistivity vs. Temperature


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