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Six Containers (30mL) Hi-Throughput Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer - MSK-PCV-30

Six Containers (30mL) Hi-Throughput Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer - MSK-PCV-30

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MSK-PCV-30 is a high-energy planetary-centrifugal mixer with six 30 ml containers, which can mix six kinds of samples such as dry powders, pastes and slurries at the same time. SPECIFICATIONS

Voltage Input
  • Single Phase AC 208 - 240V, 50/60 Hz, 350W
  • 110V version is available via a transformer ( 110AC- 220CAC)
  • Maximum:     450W
  • Motor Power: 400 W
  • Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixing
    • The centrifugal force of rotation and revolution induces convection, homogenizing the materials
    • With the vacuum pressure, submicron air bubbles can be efficiently eliminated from the materials
    • Max, Gravity acceleration:  438 G
    • Max viscosity: 30,000 Pa S
  • Speeds: Fixed speed ratio (0.6X between main plate revolution and container rotating)
    • Sample Platen Rotation (revolution motion): 300 rpm - 2,000 rpm (adjustable)
    • Container Spin (rotation motion):  180 rpm - 1,200 rpm (fixed at 0.6X of the revolution speed)
  • Six 30 ml containers made of high-density Polyethylene, are included
  • Max. weight for each container+ sample  is 100 g
  • Six containers weight must be the same.
  • Customized container size may available upon request at the extra cost
  • One 1/4 " vacuum port is located on the outside case to connect to a vacuum pump
  • One156L/minute rotary vacuum pump with pipe is included
  • Max. vacuum: -0.1 Mpa
Control Panel  
  • Touch screen control panel to program speed and time
  • Store up to 8 programs in memory, as shown in Fig.1
  • 3 segments, as shown in Fig.2. For example:
    • 800 rpm revolution speed (480 rpm rotation speed) for 60 sec;
    • 1500 rpm revolution speed (900 rpm rotation speed) for 180 sec;
    • 1000 rpm revolution speed (600 rpm rotation speed) for 60 sec.
  • The maximum running time for each segment is 200 sec. The maximum total running time is 600 sec
Safety and Protection
  • Safety warnings and interlocks are integrated. The unit automatically stops when
    • The unit is overloaded with the sample
    • The sample is loaded in an unbalanced way
    • The top cover is opened
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost
  • One year limited standard warranty with lifetime technical support
  • 50 kg 
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 267 lbs
  • 47" x 39" x 38"
Operation Video and Instructions
Application Notes
  • Always use the mixer on a level & stable surface for best performance and maximum safety
  • Do not use the mixer in a hazardous atmosphere, or with flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous material! Check the chemical resistance of the container with different materials before loading the sample!!!
  • Do not overload the mixer! Stop the mixing operation immediately if abnormal sound/vibration is observed
  • Use a digital balance to make sure the sample loading is balanced before mixing
  • Double-check if the containers are mounted correctly and securely before mixing
  • Do not open the cover lid until the rotation has completely stopped! Do not retrieve the containers and/or put a hand close to the mixing fixture while the rotation has not completely stopped!
  • Only use the included containers for the mixing operation! Double-check to make sure there is no foreign object in the mixer before mixing
  • Please click underline to learn Centrifugal Force calculation
  • Please do not use it under Ar gas. Please consider our MSK-PCV-310AR if Ar gas is required

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