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Slot Die Heads with Optional Width of 100, 150, 200, or 300 mm for DIY Slot Die Coater - EQ-SDH

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The laboratory scaled slot die heads are available in standard widths of 100, 150, 200, and 300 mm with optional shim
The slot-die heads are intended for operation at low pressure with low viscosity inks are comprised of only two parts which greatly simplify assembly, disassembly, and cleaning. They can be operated with a single shim or with a shim kit comprising shim and meniscus guide for coating stripes at low web speeds (0.1 - 5 m/min). 
It is an excellent component for the DIY lab-scaled slot die coater at an affordable cost. 

  • Made of Stainless steel  ( Peek available for small die )
  • Please click on the below pictures to view the structure Slot Die.
  • Note: These slot-die heads are for DIY slot die coating. They do NOT fit MSK-AFA-PD100. Please order customized width shims to use with the PD100 system.
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No gaskets and few parts
  • Sample delivering tube for connecting with the syringe is included
  • Tube connection with syringe and slot die heads, please see pic.3
Standard Package
  • Slot Die Head (1 unit)
  • Syringe (1 unit)
  • Tightening Screws (2 units)
  • Pressure Rings (2 units)
  • Tighten Nut (1 unit)
  • Connection Tube (1 unit)
Slotting Width and Shim
Five types of standard slotting width are optional in the product bar.  Customized shim is available upon request
  • 100 mm slotting width with shim
  • 150 mm slotting width with shim
  • 200 mm Slotting width with shim
  • 300 mm slotting width with shim
Dimension and Net Weight                          
          100mm W, 635g             150mm  W,955g             200mm W, 1590 g       300mm W, 1900g 
Optional We can make a small flat slot die coater upon request based on our compact tape casting coater with our hybrid film applicator
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