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Small High-Throughput Induction Melting & Casting up to 32 Samples/Batch @ 1700C - VMCS-1700-HT-S

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VMCS-1700-HT-S is a small multi-sample induction melting and casting system with atmosphere control.  It is designed for high-throughput research for the new generation superalloy.  2-16 rectangular (or round) samples with different compositions can be melt and cast in a single batch within 25 minutes up to 1700 ºC. The solidified rectangular samples have a smooth surface without sinkholes, which can be used for deformation processing directly. SPECIFICATIONS:

Vacuum Chamber
  • A large vacuum chamber made of stainless steel
  • Vacuum Chamber dimension: 
  • Vacuum level: 10-2 torr by the included dual-stage mechanical pump, and 10-5 torr by optional turbopump
  • The cover of the vacuum chamber is driven by an air compressor which is not included)
  • Usually, the melting is conducted under Ar gas and casting is under vacuum
  •  Included    Optional    (Required)
Induction heater
  • High-frequency induction is installed on the bottom vacuum chamber
  • The induction coil is inserted into the bottom vacuum chamber, which will hold and heat the rectangular graphite crucible
  • Power: 15 KW
  • Frequency: ~80KHz
Graphite Crucible

  • A rectangular graphite crucible with cover is placed on the top of induction heating plate
  • The crucible dimension: Outside 150x55x45 mm, inside 118x55x28
  • Multiple cavities will be built inside the crucible according to customer requirements
  • The standard cavity: 16 pieces of  10 mm L x 20 mm W x 10 mm Depth, which may melt 16  kinds of the composition of the alloy at the same time with a melting point of 1700ºC Max.  and 32 pcs sample of 10x20x5 mm with 32 kinds of composition.
  • The total melting amount of the crucible is 1000 g (based on stainless steel)
  • The amount of each cavity is dependent on the number of cavities.  ( if 32 cavities, 30 g max  per cavity)
  • The customized cavity is available upon request
Control Panel
  • Touch screen control panel is built-in to control temperature and melting/casting process
  • Temperature is controlled by the digital controller automatically
  • Max. working temperature is 1700ºC 
  • Thermocouple: B type
  • Melting and casting time: ~ 20 minutes depending on the melting point of materials
Water Cooling (optional)
  • 116 L/M recirculating  water chiller is required ( not included )
  • You may order EQ-KJ6300 recirculating water chillers: one for induction coil and one for bottom water cold plate for the crucible.
  • Water-pressure interlock: the equipment can not heat without water flow
Power Requirements
  • Input Voltage: 208 - 240V AC, three Phases, 50/60Hz
  • 380V or 480VAC version is available upon request
  • Input Power: 15 KW max  ( 50A breaker required)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Dimensions 930 L x 750 W x 1300H,(mm)
Net Weight 255 Kg
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