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SPECTROS™ 150 - Organic Thin Film Deposition & Metallization System up to 150mm x 150mm Substrate

SPECTROS™ 150 - Organic Thin Film Deposition & Metallization System up to 150mm x 150mm Substrate

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The Kurt J. Lesker Company® SPECTROS™ 150 is the next generation thin film deposition system based on the workhorse SPECTROS platform. With more than 100 units in service worldwide, the SPECTROS platform is a proven, robust, and versatile design. The SPECTROS builds on the successes of the original design with improved system base pressures and pump down times. A technically superior chamber design, an industry best software control system with advanced programming capability, real time recipe thread operation, and numerous features for optimized thin film performance are a few of the key advantages offered in this innovative, best of class design.

The SPECTROS 150 is compatible with the following techniques:

  • 1cc or 10cc LTE Sources (up to 10 sources in addition to thermal sources)
  • 4" Thermal Sources (up to 4 Sources in addition to LTE Sources)
  • Torus® Magnetron Sputtering sources (up to eight 2" or 3" sources)
  • Electron Beam Evaporation Source (4 pocket 8cc, 8 pocket 12cc, 6 pocket 20cc)
  • Combinations of the above techniques are also available
  • Custom configurations are available upon request

KJLC's software allows user friendly recipe creation along with a reliable, uninterruptable processing module that allows process completion, regardless of the state of the computer user interface.



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Modular Process Chamber

  • Box Shaped 304L Stainless Steel chamber: 15.25" wide x 16.50" deep x 24" high (387.4mm wide x 419.1mm deep x 609.6mm high), internal dimensions.
  • This chamber comes standard with up to ten spare ports (2-3/4" CF) depending on system configuration.
  • Please see the performance tab (above) for information on pumpdown times and base pressures

Vacuum Pumping & Gauging


Fully enclosed system electronics rack.

  • *Compact frame, 53.41" wide x 36.18" deep x 75.75" high (1356.7mm wide x 919mm deep x 1924.1mm high)
  • Allows all electrical components to be safely housed behind lockable cabinet doors.
  • EMO Protection is standard on all KJLC systems.
  • Isolation transformer and safety interlocks are standard on all KJLC systems.

*System dimensions and mounting dependent on options selected.

OptionsProcess Equipment OptionsSubstrate OptionsSubstrates

Glovebox Adaptors

The SPECTROS™ Series is now easily integrated with a glove box. The process chamber features large sliding, full-access, aluminum doors. This new chamber design makes opening and closing the chamber door inside the glovebox a snap while providing quick and easy access to your substrate fixture and deposition sources. There is also a large swing style rear door for easy access to maintain the system.

Kurt J Lesker is able to offer a wide array of standard and custom glovebox suites, from a standard 4 port or 6 port arrangement, to custom lengths and depths.

Glovebox Specifications

  • All stainless steel construction of the glovebox
  • Specifically designed to integrate with KJL deposition system
  • All stainless steel Swagelok valves, fittings and piping
  • Modular design (for easy expansion)
  • Lexan front window
  • Quick release front window
  • Electrical feedthrough with a six (6) outlet power strip
  • LED light fixtures
  • All stainless steel antechamber; size 15" diameter x 24"L with sliding tray
    • Shock assisted door lifting mechanisms
  • All stainless steel mini antechamber; size 8" diameter x 15"L
  • Stainless steel stand with leveling feet and casters
  • Stainless steel vacuum gauges
  • Adjustable bin storage unit (adjustable shelving)
  • Spare KF40 feedthroughs
  • Two (2) HEPA gas flow filters; one (1) inlet, one (1) outlet
  • Push button evacuation and refill of antechamber
  • All stainless steel 24V DC solenoid valve for refill of antechamber
  • Automatic electro-pneumatic valve for evacuation of the antechamber (KF40)
  • Common vent line
  • Stainless steel filter column for the removal of oxygen and moisture including automatic electro-pneumatic valves (KF40 size)
  • Fully automatic system with Siemens PLC control unit and 7" color touch screen with built in operating instructions and system diagnostics. Includes:
    • O2, H20 and pressure trending
    • Maintenance alarms
    • Power saver mode for vacuum pump/lights (optional)
  • Automatic regeneration process using 3-5% hydrogen gas mixture
  • Capable of removing 36 liters of oxygen from inert gas before needing a regeneration
  • Capable of removing 1300 grams of moisture from inert gas before needing a regeneration
  • Continuous oxygen monitoring
  • Continuous moisture monitoring
  • Includes 50 cfm circulation blower
  • Built for continuous operation
  • Manual solvent removal system including stainless steel filter column, 10lbs of activated carbon, manual bypass and isolation valves, evacuation and refill valves, and refill drain port (optional)
  • Automatic solvent removal system including stainless steel filter column with 20lbs of molecular sieve, automatic bypass and isolation valves with automatic reactivation of filter material (optional)
  • Automatic purge valve-200 L/min flow rate

Glovebox OptionsAlong with the gloveboxes and system adaptor boxes the following accessories can be supplied:

  • Spin Coaters
  • Hot Plates
  • UV Ozone Curing
  • Regenerable Solvent Purification System
  • Other accessories upon request


Utilizing industry leading components allows KJLC to produce the highest quality PVD R&D tool on the market. Components and key manufacturing points are:

  • One year warranty standard
  • Pfeiffer Turbomolecular pumps
  • CTI-Cryogenics® Cryopump Systems
  • VAT high vacuum valves
  • KJLC Low Temperature Sources
  • KJLC Torus sputter sources, and power supplies
  • Orbital welding on all process gas lines / manifolds
  • CE marking is a standard on the Mini SPECTROS with CSA and NRTL available upon request
ISO Certification

HV Pumping Options

  • Cryo Pump – This package replaces the 790 L/sec turbo pump in the base system with a CTI-8F 1500 L/sec cryo pump. Base pressure for a properly conditioned chamber is 5.3 x 10-8 torr (6.67 × 10-8 mbar).
  • Dry Pump – Edwards nXDS10i – 7.5 cfm (12.7 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.
  • Dry pump – Edwards XDS35i – 25 cfm (43 m3/hr) Scroll roughing pump.

HV Valves

  • 3-position VAT gate valve for CTI-8F 1500L/s Cryo Pump
  • 3-position VAT gate valve for Pfeiffer 790 L/sec turbo
  • VAT Variable position downstream pressure control valve

Low Temperature Evaporation Sources (Up to Four)

  • 1cc and 10cc Sources
  • Unique Plugin Design
  • Easy to Refill and Maintain
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options
  • KJLC 10cc and 1cc (Low Temperature Evaporation) source, suitable for Organic and low temperature materials (0-550°C)

Thermal Evaporation Source (Up To Four)

  • KJLC Thermal evaporation (TE) assembly, Up to four 4" thermal evaporation sources (in sequential or co-deposition configurations)
  • KJLC Thermal evaporation (TE) assembly, Up to six 2" thermal evaporation sources (in sequential configuration)
  • Standard thermal power supply (5v @ 375A)
  • High output power options (5v @900A)
  • Quartz crystal controller is available with thermal options
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Magnetron Sputtering Source Power Supplies (Up to Five)

  • 500W, and 1kW, and 1.5kW KJLC® DC power supplies
  • 300W and 600W KJLC RF power supplies
  • 2kW (pulsed) DC power supply
  • Quartz crystal monitor is available with sputtering options

Torus® Magnetron Sputtering Source (Up to Six)

  • Up to six KJLC Torus® 2" or 3" magnetron sputtering sources. Flex head assembly and high strength magnet assemblies options available.
  • Up to four KJLC Torus® 4" magnetron sputtering sources. Flex head assembly and high strength magnet assemblies options available

For more information on our new Mag Keeper sources please see the following link.

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Electron Beam Evaporation Source

  • KJLC KL6, four pocket (8cc) E-Beam source
  • KJLC KL8, eight pocket (12cc) or six pocket (20cc) E-Beam source
  • 5kW or 10kW solid state power supply with programmable sweep and automatic crucible indexing

Standard Substrate Fixtures

150mm x 150mm
150mm x 150mm
(accommodates multiple substrate(s) and sizes)
(accommodates multiple substrate(s) and sizes)
Single holder*
Single holder*
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 20 RPM
Up to 350°C
Up to 350°C
Up to 800°C
Up to 800°C

Upstream Pressure Control

  • Up to four Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controllers and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer

Reactive Depositions

  • One Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controller and a 100mTorr Capacitance Manometer
  • Up to three Fujikin FCST1000F Mass Flow controllers for a reactive gas.
  • Substrate gas ring is available


The SPECTROS™ 150 offers two types of high vacuum pumping on its process chamber a Pfeiffer 790 L/s turbomolecular pump as standard or an optional Brooks CTI-8F 1500 L/s cryo pump. Either pump is an option for any of the deposition configurations for the SPECTROS 150. The Pfeiffer 790 L/s being a good choice for overall cost effective high quality pumping particularly for Low Temperature and Thermal evaporations. The Brook CTI-8F finding use in applications that require the lowest vacuum possible particularly for thermal evaporation and electron beam applications.

The chart to the right demonstrates average expected pumping performance by pump type for an outfitted SPECTROS 150 process chamber that is clean and dry with (5) Torus 3" Mag-keeper sources installed and a 3' long 1.5" metal flex bellows roughing line.

790l/s Turbopump
1250l/s Turbopump
1500l/s Cryopump
3000l/s Cryopump

Pump curves for a clean dry and empty SPECTROS 150. Pumping performance is depending on chamber conditions and components installed.

The SPECTROS 150 was re-designed to mount the high vacuum valve directly to the process chamber without the 4" half nipple and now accommodates a larger 790 L/s pump or CTI8 pump. This allows the SPECTROS 150 to reach lower base pressures and faster pumpdown times than similarly equipped systems.



Torus® sources are operated at typical sputtering pressures (< 20 mTorr) and utilize Si wafers for deposition. SiO2 Target run with RF Power, film thickness >=500Å. Al Target run with DC Power, film thickness >=1500Å. Ni Target run with High Strength Torus® & DC Power, film thickness >=1500Å.

KJLC electron beam deposition runs utilize Si wafers for deposition. Ti evaporant material with film thickness >=1500Å.

  • All Films are measured on a properly calibrated Profilometer, Reflectometer or Ellipsometer (if applicable).
  • Measurement points are taken starting at the center of the substrate and then radially outward every 0.5 inches (12.7mm), nominally (reference figure to the right).
  • Uniformity calculation formula is: ((Max - Min) / (2 x Avg)) x 100% with a 0.2 inch (5mm) edge exclusion.

KJLC E-beam sources are also designed to eliminate unnecessary o-rings, seals, and feedthroughs to lower pumpdown times and provide excellent base pressures. Only three feedthrough's are required for the KJLC E-beam source and there is no dynamic water to vacuum o-ring seal in this design which greatly reduces the risk of a water leak in the vacuum chamber.

Thermal evaporation sources typically centered on the substrate fixture have been moved to the outer edges of the fixture in the Mini SPECTROS to allow for better uniformities. The fixtures allow a source adjustment of up to an inch to allow for optimization to a particular application.

The SPECTROS 150 is one of Kurt J. Lesker's most versatile thin film deposition systems offering single and multi-technique deposition options including LTE Evaporation, thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering (TORUS), and electron beam.

The SPECTROS 150 houses KJLC Low Temperature Evaporator. With its unique plugin base that allows for easy access to refill the crucible and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance.

Typical Deposition Uniformities

Substrate size
Low Temperature evaporation Sources
150mm x 150mm
Thermal Evaporation Source
150mm x 150mm
TORUS® Sputtering Sources
150mm x 150mm
KL-6 Electron Beam source
150mm x 150mm

Only KJLC offers Mag-Keeper sputter sources with zero o-rings in the cathode body and a magnetically coupled target to allow for easy target changes. Our "patent pending" cooling well design enables operation at power densities ≥ 200 watts/.in2. This cathode is designed to sputter up to a 0.375" thick targets. The high strength design is able to sputter up to a 0.125" thick Fe target with 3" and 4" cathodes, or 0.0625" thick Fe target with 2" Mag-Keepers. Without a hold down clamp or dark space shield this cathode is capable of running as low as ≤ 1mTorr. The unique dome shutter design eliminates the need for additional cross contamination shielding required with standard flip or swing shutters.

To learn more about sputtering rates and uniformity,

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