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Split-able Dry Pressing Die 20 I.D.x 100H(mm) - EQ-Die-SP20

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EQ-Die-SP20 is a splittable dry pressing die with 20 mm ID x 100 mm deep, which is suitable to press rod sample to 60 mm L or thin sample less than 1 mm thickness for easy taking a sample out without breaking.


Dimension of die
  • Bottom die:  A = 20 mm, H = 7.6 mm
  • Splitting Dies:  A = 20 mm, E = 88 mm, G = 100 mm
  • Bottom Plate:F = 60 mm,  E = 88 mm
  • Pushing Rod:   D = 20 mm, A = 20 mm, B = 43 mm, C = 90 mm
  • Click Picture left to see detail
  • Die sets with other diameters are avaialable upon request. Please contact MTI for details.
Inside Diameter of die
  •  20 mm diameter with 3 splitting parts ( Click Picture left )
  • 100 mm length 
  • Made of  hardened steel and highly polished  with hardness HRC 60 - 62
 Max. Load
  • 20 metric Ton (at room temperature)
  • 620 MPa
 Rated Temperature
  • 250 °C
Pressing die installation schematic
       Click the picture to see detail
Application Notes
  • To get better density of samples, please considing using cold isostatic press (CIP)
  • Small particles may slip into the gap between the pushing rod and steel sleeve and cause damages to the sleeve during the compression. We recommend using 32~75 microns powder to avoid damages.
  • Please consider using the 3'' Dia. Sieve Set No.200&450 Mesh to get 32~75 microns particles  
  • Please use alcohol to clean the pressing die every time before and after use
  • Store it in a dry place with antirust oil after the operation to avoid rusting.
  • For pressing sticky metal powders such as Al, Mg, Zn, it is necessary to use dry or alcohol-based lubricant to lubricate the die and sleeve set to reduce friction during the compression. 
  • Please must always wear protective goggles during the operation !!!
  • Pressing Dies are consumable products and are not covered by MTI's warranty.

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