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Super-SPECTROS 200 - Organic Thin Film Deposition & Metallization System up to 200mm x 200mm Substrate

Super-SPECTROS 200 - Organic Thin Film Deposition & Metallization System up to 200mm x 200mm Substrate

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  • Optimized for organic material deposition
  • Up to 12 LTE sources; 1cc, 10cc or 35cc capacity
  • Host to dopant ratio 1000:1
  • Up to 4 thermal evaporation sources
  • Substrate shutter
  • Automatic substrate, mask storage and exchange
  • Pyrometer port
  • Glovebox interfaceable design with sliding front door and sliding rear door
  • KJLC eKLipse™ control software
  • Rate control resolution 0.05Å/s
  • Recipe based PC based system controls
  • Cryopump high vacuum pumping
  • 2-position gate valve


  • Wedge tool for shaped film growth
  • Co-deposition
  • Electron beam source
  • Twelve source thermal evaporation source array
  • Caesium, Selenium, or HTE source
  • Load lock chamber
  • Plasma clean
  • 3-position gate valve
  • In-situ source material replenishment
  • Substrate rotation, heating and cooling
  • KJLC adaptor box and 2-port or 4-port glovebox
  • Turbomolecular pumping
  • Datalogging


  • Organic Semiconductor
  • Nanoscale Devices
  • Metal Cathode Deposition
  • Organic Films
  • Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics (OPV)
  • OLED
  • OLED Displays
  • OLED Lighting
  • Organic Electronics
  • Integrated Smart Systems
  • Thin Film Batteries



Process Chamber UHV grade, 304 stainless steel, nominally 24" wide x 24" deep by 40" tall
Framework Steel construction, enclosed panel base with open chamber access, fully enclosed electronics cabinet
Vacuum Pumping Brooks 1500 l/s cryo pump with oil-free backing pump standard (8x10-8 mbar base pressure)
Vacuum Valves VAT 2-position pneumatic HV valve. Optional VAT 3-position pneumatic HV valve. All others are KJLC HV valves
Pressure Measurement Pfeiffer 685 L/s turbomolecular pump with an Adixen 2010SD oil sealed roughing pump. Base pressure for a properly conditioned chamber is 2 x 10-7 torr (2.67 x 10-7 mbar)
Vacuum Interlocks and Venting Automatically sequenced vent control & vacuum interlock for process chamber
Deposition Uniformity ≤±3% on a 10" (250mm) diameter or 8"(200mm) x 8"(200mm) Si wafer with a 5mm edge exclusion as measured on an AlQ3 or Al film of >200nm thick
Low Temperature Source KJLC design low temperature evaporation (LTE) source for controlled deposition of materials up to 600°C
Substrate Platen Platen for up to 8" (200mm) diameter or 8"(150mm) x 8"(150mm), available with 20 rpm rotation, substrate heating up to 350°C, cooling to -10°C, and RF plasma clean/etch via the substrate shutter. 5-shelf cassette for substrate and mask storage with exchange
Film Thickness Control Film thickness and deposition rate control enabled via system software and controller (no 3rd party hardware required)
System Control KJLC eKLipse™ software PC-based HMI manual computer control, with optional recipe control and datalogging
Required Power (Typical, based on options) 400VAC, 3∅, 32A, 50/60Hz, 5-wire (3Ph+N+E)
Compliance CE, optional CSA and UL
Warranty 12 months upon receipt, extended warranty is available at additional cost

KJLC Combinatorial Dual Wedge Tool


Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedge.jpg

KJLC Dual Wedge Tool turns your single substrate in to multiple substrates without the need for breaking vacuum or complex masking. This Combinatorial (producing multiple substrates with different materials and thicknesses on a single substrate) approach cuts down expensive and prolonged research time allowing for large amounts of substrate variations to be completed in days instead of months.

The KJLC wedge tool can help deposited films of material with n number of variations in addition to shadow mask. n is number of columns and its width can be programmed.

Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedge-Width.jpg
Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedge-Columns1.jpg
Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedge-Columns2.jpg

Example: 6 step (or six columns) deposition of various thickness of a "Material" or 6 deposition of different materials of same thickness or various thicknesses

The substrate can be ROTATED 90, 180 or 270 degrees in the cassette and repeat the above wedge operation.

Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedge-Rotated.jpg
Click to view IMG-SY-DualWedgeComboExample.jpg

Using the KJLC dual wedge tool in combination with the rotation/orientation of the substrate will result in nxn depositions. In example given a total of 36 can be prepared with straightforward operation of the dual wedge and substrate rotation.




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