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  • Size(mm): 1750(W) x 1585(H) x 750(D)
  • Advanced Semi-Auto System
  • Optimized for graphene, CNT growth
  • Water-cooled end chambers and doors
  • Process Temperature: ~1,100℃
  • Uniformity of Film Thickness: ≤+-3%
  • Testing Uniformity: ≤+-3%
  • Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating
  • fast cooling of the sample
  • Standard safety box


  1. Thermal CVD Semi-auto Operation system
  2. End chambers (stainless steel) - water cooled system
  3. Gas control unit ( Mass flow controller) - 3channel standard + 1 spare
  4. 340liter/min Oil rotary pump
  5. Pneumatic On/off valve with Down stream Auto pressure control Throttle valve with controller
  6. Programmable Temperature controller
  7. High Temperature Furnace(Max1200℃)
  8. Rapid Cooling system by furnace moving
  9. Atmospheric and Vacuum Processing
  10. Anti-contamination system by inner tube
  11. Vacuum gauge unit(Capacitance/Convectron)
  12. 1 year warranty
  13. On-site install and training
  14. Safety Cover (Connected exhaust system)
  15. Safety interlock system(Water / Air)


  1. Max temp 1500℃ Furnace by SIC source
  2. Rapid thermal processing furnace by IR lamp source
  3. MF power induction heating process Max temp 1600℃
  4. MFC(Mass flow controller) addition total 12channel
  5. Dry vacuum pump ( Scroll / booster / industry)
  6. Gas Safety interlock system for gas leak
  7. RF plasma ( ICP type )
  8. Tungsten filament gas source cracking
  9. Additional Furnace for source evaporation
  10. High Vacuum processing option (Pump/Gauge/valve unit)
  11. Installation in Fume hood
  12. Source delivery system ( Bubbler / Gas / Solid )
  13. System Utility ( Chiller / scrubber / gas cabinet )
  14. System Program ( Auto processing system)

Consumable Parts

  • K-type Thermocouple (Option : R-type)
  • Furnace heating element (Furnace repair)
  • Vacuum sensor
  • Oil in Rotary Oil Pump
  • O-ring
  • Quartz tube

Facility Requirements

Electrical power 220VAC 1ph 30A (35A for +1 furnace)
Compressed air 0.5~0.6Mpa
Compressed air input size 6 mm one touch fitting
Cooling water in/out 3/8" lok fitting
Cooling water pressure 0.1~0.2Mpa
Safety exhaust size 6 mm one touch tube
Gas input pressure 40psi
Gas port 4ch standard (Option 2ch Extension)
Gas port size 1/4"lok fitting
Pump exhaust NW25
Rotary pump capacity 340liter/min

1/4"lok fitting

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