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The 8600i Series

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R&D Limited Production Batch tool

The all new KDF 8671i is a new model for the KDF line of equipment and it fills another requirement for both the R&D and specialty markets.  This new tool has been redesigned and has been made into a fully automatic batch loaded tool.  By utilizing KDF's field proven Rockwell PLC platform , this tool now offers recipe automation and full automatic sequential sputtering and etch operations the 8671i is an ideal solution for complex and two dimensional parts along with more conventional substrates like alumna and silicon wafers.  Adjustable anode to cathode distance allows the tool to be very versatile when it comes to special substrates.  This tool can can perform both RF and DC operations along with RF bias and RF etch , the system comes with three eight inch high rate magnetron cathodes and performs all types of reactive sputter operations.


KDF's 8620i is an extremely versatile R&D tool that allows the end user a broad spectrum of uses.

The system offers more features per dollar then anything on the market to day.  The small eighteen-inch round chamber design accommodates three six-inch RF diode cathodes an RF etch station along with RF bias operation.  This low cost system is an ideal tool for small production lots or as a university research tool.  Despite its small size the 8620i has features normally only found on larger production-type systems thus allowing it to be utilized in a more cost effective manner for a lower cost of ownership when compared to larger systems.  The 8620i is a proven design with hundreds of these systems in the field.  KDF has re-introduced this system along with many new enhancements and upgrades to meet current day technology.  KDF has a host of options for the tool, which allows the tool to be configured in many ways, this allows for meeting the challenges of depositing new materials in today’s R&D environment.  The base 8620i comes complete and is a turn key system ready all that is required is your choice of target materials.


The KDF 8702i

The KDF 8702i is a post magnetron radial sputtering system which allows the batch loading of many dimensional parts for sputter deposition in a single load.




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