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Thick Aluminum Nitride Substrate for RTP Furnace's Sample Holder - EQ-AIN-Holder

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Such unpolished Aluminum Nitride can be placed in the center of holder for holding test

samples up to 3" or 5" diam. The excellent temperature uniformity can be achieved in this 3" or 5"

diam. area due to the benefit from its high thermal conductivity.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrates Properties

Item No.


Purity (wt%)

99% (AN5116)

Density (g/cm3)


Thermal Conductivity (W/m. K)


Thermal Expansion (x10-6/oC)


Dielectric Strength (Kv/mm)


Dielectric Constant (at 1MHZ)


Loss Tangent (x104@1 MHz)

  3 - 7

Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)


Flexural Strength (Kgf/mm)


Substrate Specifications

3" or 5" diameter, 0.65mm thickness
surface: fine ground





Product Configuration

The unpolished AIN in the center of holder is able to hold test samples up to 3" or 5" diam.

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