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Two Channels ALD 4" Tube Furnace System Upto 1200C - ALD-1200X-4

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ALD-1200X-4 is a 4" tube furnace combining with two-channel ALD valves and one channel liquid-vapor delivery( Atomic Layer Deposition ) and as well as four channels gas delivery system for CVD growth of nanomaterial and pi film,   The smart design makes ALD  more cost-effective and affordable for every research group.



Control Panel
  • All parameters of  ALD vapor puls time and  Gas flow  are controlled by PLC via a 6" touch screen panel in a mobile cart 
    • Control Two  ALD valves with puls duration time and cycling with   mico-second precision
    • Control For channels gas delivery with ±0.2%F.S via MFC
    • Display vacuum pressure 
    • Other parameters upon request of the customer
  • Please click the picture below to see the control interface
ALD valve
  • Two ALD valves with pulse controller (min 10 ms duration)
  • Capable of heating with thermal actuators
Dual Zone Split Tube furnace 
  • Max 1100ºC for continuous heating
  • Two programmable precision digital temperature controllers with 30 segments.
  • Two separate controlled Heating Zones
    • 200mm length for each heating zone
    • 400mm total in heating length
    • 250mm constant central temperature heating area if both zones were heated at the same temperature
    • 500ºC max temperature difference between two zones with thermal blocks in between
  • Input power: 208 – 240V AC input, a single phase at max. 4KW
  • Optional: ALD control system can be installed with a short tube furnace or rotation tube furnace as the picture below
Anti-corrosive Pressure Gauge
  • 3.8x10-5 to 1125 Torr measurement range
  • Anti-corrosive, gas-type independent 
  • High accuracy and reproducibility at atmosphere for reliable atmospheric pressure detection
  • Fast atmospheric detection eliminates waiting time and shortens the process cycle
  • Easy to exchange plug & play sensor element
  • Click the picture to view detailed spec.
Vacuum Pump 
  • 10E-2 Torr vacuum can be achieved inside the processing tube
  • A vacuum pump is not included, suggest you order a dry pump for the CVD process by click the picture below
More Bubbler

  • Click the picture below to order bubbler or evaporator for CVD, and  below right for Constant pressure control module
  • Could add Quartz Crystal and thermocouple  to monitoring thin film thickness and temperature at extra cost
Update Idea 
  • You may use ALD Device to build hybrid Plasma enhanced ALD+ CVD  and ALD+PVD+CVD system to grow complex materials and Powder ALD with rotation furnace
  • (PE-ALD+CVD)            (PE-ALD+PVD +CVD)
One year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products below).
  • CE certified and NRTLor CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
Operation Instructions

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