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Two Zone 1200C Max. 80 mm OD Tube Furnace with Liquid Evaporator, Humidity & H2 Detectors and Shutoff Valve - OTF-1200X-II-80HG-UL

Two Zone 1200C Max. 80 mm OD Tube Furnace with Liquid Evaporator, Humidity & H2 Detectors and Shutoff Valve - OTF-1200X-II-80HG-UL

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OTF-1200X-II-80HG-UL is a two heating zone tube furnace with two-channel gas flow control, liquid evaporator, humidity monitor, as well as hydrogen gas leaking detector. Such as system is designed for hot corrosion research or CVD processing with hydrogen gas under controlled humidity condition. One of the two CVD gas line through the liquid evaporator assists with the delivery of liquid vapor.  Precision digital humidity monitor can measure water content with accuracy +/-1.5%FS. The included 3M hydrogen monitor will shut off the hydrogen gas inlet valve immediately upon detecting leaks of hydrogen gas. 


Furnace Construction
  • Double shell casing with cooling fans
  • High purity alumina fibrous insulation for max. energy saving
  • Split cover enables faster cooling and easy operation
  • Hydrogen detector and solenoid valve are included for safety measures 
  • The liquid evaporator is heatable with a precision temperature controller to produce a mixing of hydrogen and liquid vapor.
  • The hydrogen gas furnace must be placed under a fume hood which is not included. 
4 KW Max 
Input Voltage
AC 208 - 240V single phase (30A air breaker is required)
Heating Elements
Heating Zone Length
  • Two heating zones: 8" (200 mm) length of each zone, 16" (400 mm) total
  • Constant temperature zone: 150 mm within +/- 1oC when two zones are set at same temperature
Temperature Uniformity
+/- 1°C in heating Zone
Continuous Working Temperature
Recommended Heating Rate
10°C /min
Processing Tube and Flanges
  • High purity quartz tube:  Φ80 (OD)×Φ74 (ID) ×1000 L, mm
  • Vacuum flange: SS304 flanges are included to achieve vacuum up to 10^ - 5 torr by turbopump.
Temperature Controllers     
  • Two MET certified digital temperature controllers with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time.
  • Built in PID Auto-Tune function with overheating & broken thermocouple protection.
  • Over temperature  protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant(s).
  • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
  • RS485 port is installed in front of panel for PC connection
  • PC control module and software is included for computerized temperature control. Click here to review detailed information.
Float Flow Meter
  • Two flowmeters 50-500ml/min are built on the gas inlets. 
  • One flowmeter is for Hydrogen delivery while the other is mainly for CVD gas with liquid vapor
  • The extra flowmeter is available upon request at extra cost.
  • You may consider using our MFC gas delivery station 1 - 9 channel for more accurate gas control 
Bubbler/ Liquid Evaporator
  • Such a liquid evaporator is suitable for liquid sources and chemical precursors delivery in CVD processes.
  • One stainless steel container is included with a capacity of 600 ml ( 80OD x 200H, mm)
  • The container is inserted into a small cylindrical heater with thermal insulation
  • The container can be heated up to 250°C and controlled by a precision programmable temperature controller.
  • Two SS needle valves and one pressure gauge are built on the container (click picture below to see details)
Humidity Monitor 
  • One precision humidity monitor is connected to the processing tube flange with KF25 adaptor
  • Measurement range :  0 - 100% RH with 1.5%FS accuracy, or -60º ~ +60º DP with +/-0.3 º accuracy.
  • Tips: You may adjust the evaporator's (water inside) temperature and H2 gas flow rate to achieve desired humidity level.
Hydrogen Detector System
  • Working Temperature Range:   40ºF to +149ºF (-40ºC to +65ºC)
  • Alarm Point:                            H2 Limited Explosive Line 10% (10% LEL).  Once detecting H2 gas beyond the point, it will shut off the inlet valve to the H2 automatically.
Options for upgrading
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Warranty One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty). 
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost.
Furnace Dimensions
Product Net Weight
Operation Instructions

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