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Two Zone Precision Temperature Control System (PWM) with 30 Segments Programmable (3.2 KW) for DIY Furnace upto 1200C - EQ-MTC-Z2

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EQ-MTC-Z2 temperature control unit is designed for precision control three zone tube furnace from 100 - 1200 oC with heating elements of resistant wire or SiC.

  • Just connecting the power cord and thermocouple with the unit, you can run your furnace automatically.
  • The unit is installed in a heavy-duty steel case with the precision digital temperature controller and voltage & current meters.
  • The controller uses PID automatic control via  SSR and  provides more accurate temperature control within +/1oC
  • Built in "auto tune" function allows you to adjust furnace temperature with minimum over-shooting.
  • Two digital temperature controller d each has built in and  each controller has 30 segments programmable independently
  • Built in cooling fan inside case avoid temperature effect on the controller.



 Input Voltage  208 - 240 V  single phase(50/60HZ )
 Max. Power  3.2 KW total,  1600 W for each heating zone
Temperature Control
  • Two digital controllers (MET certified) are installed in one box with 30 segments programmable and auto-tune faction
  • Temperature accuracy ±1°C.
 Thermo Couple accepted

  K, S, R, J, B, C (W/Re-5/26) and D (W/Re-3/25) type selectable by setting Sn value of controller

  • J range: -310 to 1832 oF (-190 to 1000 oC)
  • K range: -328 to 2502 oF (-200 to 1372  oC)
  • T range: -328 to 752  oF (-200 to 400  oC)
  • E range: -328 to 1832 oF (-200 to 1000 oC)
  • N range: -328 to 2372 oF (-200 to 1300  oC)
  • B range: 392 to 3272 oF oF (200 to 1800  oC)
  • R range: 32 to 3214  oF (0 to 1768  oC)
  • S range: 32 to 3214  oF (0 to 1768  oC)
  • Sn  ( K=0, S=1, B=6, D=8 C=9 )
  • thermal-couple is not included)
 Temperature control
  • The controller uses PID automatic control and Auto tune fuction.
  •  Built in over-temperature protection and the thermal couple broke alarm.
  • RS-485 port and PC control software are available upon request at extra cost  which can control three zone temperature by remote PC
 Overall Dimension (mm)   360 L x 300W  x 180 H mm
 Weight (kg/lbs)     5 kg / 10lbs
  • This controller is not suitable for the furnace heated by the heating element.
  • This two-zone temperature control unit zone is for DIY Lab furnace. The thermal couple and power cable & plug are not included.  MTI will not be responsible for the cabling and wire connection, please ask certified electrician to do the connection between your own furnace and the control unit.
  • The temperature control unit is compatible with following 3 zone tube furnaces:
    • MTI  OTF-1200X series tube furnace
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Lindberg/Blue M Three-Zone 1200 oC Tube Furnaces
    • Thermcraft 1200 oC three zone tube furnace  
Operation Manual

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