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Kemstream - VAPBOX 1500

New DLI Vaporizer


High Performance, Precise, Innovative liquid and  solid  precursors Delivery and Vaporization System for ALD, CVD, MOCVD,  PECVD and all gas phase processes. 

The  VAPBOX 1500 vaporizes pure  liquid compounds and  solid ones dissolved in a carrier liquid (organic solvent).  

The VAPBOX 1500 is able to handle and vaporize most  of solid and liquid compounds including  low vapor pressure, thermally labile and viscous ones.  

The  VAPBOX 1500 provides unmatched performances based on a very fine atomization of  a pulsed liquid mixed with a carrier gas prior  to  injection inside the vaporizer. The  generated vapors can be used for  the  synthesis by ALD and CVD of thin  films, nanoparticles and nanoobjects of numerous functionnal materials  such as for instance : dielectrics (low-k and high-k), barrier layers (Ta, Ti  and Nb nitrides), ferroelectrics,  piezoelectrics, metals (Cu, Pt, Ru, Ir, Rh, Ag, Pd,…), IIIV, II-V,  chalcogenides, transparent conductive oxides, photovoltaïcs, low friction coatings, hard  coatings  and superconductors. 

Because of its unique proprietary way to deliver and atomize the liquid inside the vaporizer the  VAPBOX 1500 is able to achieve a  real non-contact  flash vaporization therefore generating particle free vapors. 

Indeed, the blasting of the carrier gas/liquid mixture inside the vaporizer allows generating an  aerosol  of around 10 microns diameter droplets.  Such very small droplets can be easily flash vaporized. Competitors’ vaporizers are generating  bigger liquid droplets that cannot be  flash vaporized and clogg the vaporizer.  

Up to 2 liquids or solutions can be delivered by separated lines  and vaporized inside the  VAPBOX 1500 simultaneously or sequentially.  

The  VAPBOX 1500 operates from vacuum to atmospheric pressure.  Thanks to delivering of accurate and stable liquid flows,  the  VAPBOX 1500 delivers accurate and  stable vapor flows.



Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Kemstream - VAPBOX 1500 (Vaporizer)

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