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Vac. Planetary Centrifugal Mill & Mixer w/ Two 1000mL Jars & Independent Speed Control - MSK-PCV-2K-LD

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MSK-PCV-2KLD is a high-speed mixer designed for ball milling and mixing various powder materials with two containers up to 1000 ml/each,  The the container can be spun around the main disk and rotated by self-rotating up to 1200 RPM. The container's revolting and rotating speed is controlled independently., which allows the user to adjust impact force and shearing force during milling or mixing based on different materials.  MSK-PCV-2KLD has built-in vacuum pump and can be operated under vacuum condition to remove gas micron-bubbles inside slurry. SPECIFICATIONS


    • Mixing under vacuum for deaeration up to 1 Torr
    • Two containers for 1000ml mixing or milling samples.
    • Minimized contamination (no metal mixing blade)
    • Thes speeds of main disk revolution and of container self-rotating are controlled independently upto 1200 RPM to provide various impact and shearing force.
  • Sample Materials
    • Nanopowders, ceramic powders
    • Grease
    • Slurry
    • Paste
Voltage Input
  • Single Phase AC 208 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum: 4000 W
Container Capacity
  • Maximum volume for 1000mL container: 700mL
  • Maximum total weight for 1000mL container: 1.2kg
Mixing and Speed
  • Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixing
    • Main Platen Rotation (revolution motion):100 - 1200 RPM (Adjustable)
    • Container Rotation (rotation motion):100-1200RPM (Adjustable whereas the container rotation speed can not be set lower than main platen rotation speed.)
Vacuum Capability
  • The chamber is vacuum sealed with built-in mechanical pump.
  • Pumping Rate: 165 L/min
  • Ultimate Vacuum: -95 kPa
Containers and Counter-Weights
  • Two standard containers and counter-weights are included
    • Two 1000 mL containers with gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene
    • For the small amount of sample mixing,  the adaptor for the samll container is available at extra cost.
    • For ball milling, stainless steel liner and adaptor are available upon request at extra cost.
                  Pic. 1     Pic.2     Pic. 3
  • Store up to 6 programs in memory, as shown in Fig.1
  • 3 programmable segments, as shown in Fig.2. For example:
  • The maximum running time for each segment is 200 sec. The maximum total running time is 600 sec
  • The rotation direction could be either clockwise (mode A) or counter-clockwise (mode B)
         Fig.1         Fig.2      
Safety and Protection
  • Safety warnings and interlocks are integrated. The unit automatically stops when
    • The unit is overloaded with the sample
    • The sample is loaded in an unbalanced way
    • The top cover is opened
  • One year limited standard warranty with lifetime technical support
  • 655 mm (W) x 950 mm (H) x 805 mm (D)
  • 395 kg
Operation Video and Instructions                        
Application Notes
  • Always use the mixer on a level & stable surface for best performance and maximum safety
  • Do not use the mixer in a hazardous atmosphere, or with flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous material! Check the chemical resistance of the container with different materials before loading the sample!!!
  • Do not overload the mixer! Stop the mixing operation immediately if abnormal sound/vibration is observed
  • Use a digital balance to make sure the sample loading is balanced before mixing
  • Double-check if the containers are mounted correctly and securely before mixing
  • Do not open the cover lid until the rotation has completely stopped! Do not retrieve the containers and/or put a hand close to the mixing fixture while the rotation has not completely stopped!
  • Only use the included containers for the mixing operation! Double-check to make sure there is no foreign object in the mixer before mixing
  • Please click underline to learn Centrifugal Force calculation.

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