Atomic Layer Deposition systems (ALD)

Basic Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology concept is to deposit one atomic layer per cycle during deposition.  ALD is a surface controlled layer-by-layer process for the deposition of thin films with atomic layer accuracy which is basic fundamentals of nano-technology.  ALD is a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique that enables surface-controlled, uniform, and conformal film growth at the atomic layer scale with excellent uniformity.  Surface-controlled film growth is a unique feature of ALD that is based on sequential, self-limiting chemical reactions between gas-phase precursor molecules and active surface species.  During a typical ALD process, at least two gas-phase precursors are pulsed sequentially into a reaction space where a substrate is located.  A complete sequence (or cycle) is made up of a series of pulse and purge steps.  Pulse steps are separated by purge steps to remove any remaining precursor and/or volatile reaction by-products from the reaction space between pulses.  The Kurt J. Lesker Company offers different ALD process equipments to fit your individual needs; ALD150LE, ALD50LX, OCTOS and LUMINOS.


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