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F20 System

F20 System

Filmetrics – The World’s best-selling tabletop thin film thickness measurement system.  Available with a wide range of accessories and thickness coverage.

F50 System

f50 detail large 

Filmetrics – Adds automated mapping capabilities to Filmetrics F20 family of products.  Map  thin film thickness and index as fast as two points per second.




The F3-sX family measures semiconductor and dielectric layers up to 3 mm thick. Such thick layers tend to be rougher and less uniform than thinner layers, which the F3-sX counters with a 10-µm-diameter measurement spot. With it the F3-sX family easily measures materials that are impossible to measure with other instruments.


f54 angled largeThin-film thickness of samples up to 450 mm in diameter are mapped quickly and easily with the F54 advanced spectral reflectance system. 

F10-HC System

F10-HC System

Filmetrics - Measures hardcoat and anti fog film thickness and index.  Popular in automotive and other industries that hardcoat polycarbonate.  Options available for thin film measurement / thickness and index measurement




Filmetrics® designed the F3-CS specifically for measurement of small witness or coupon samples. Everyone from line operators to R&D personnel can measure layers such as parylene and vacuum coatings in seconds with this USB-powered system.

F10-AR System

F10-AR System

Filmetrics - Measures reflectance and transmittance simultaneously.  Options available for thin film measurement / thickness and index measurement


F30 System

 f30 main image large


Filmetrics – Monitor and control thickness of moving films during production.  Sample rates as high as 100 Hz are possible at multiple measurement locations.  Monitors reflectance, thickness and deposition rates during MOCVD, sputtering and virtually any other deposition process


F40 System

f40 large

 Filmetrics - Attaches to your microscope to measure spot as small as 1µm or let us supply the entire system.


F60-t System

 f60t main image large

 Thin-film thickness on samples up to 200mm by 200mm is easily mapped with the Filmetrics F54-XY-200 advanced spectral reflectance system. 

Filmetrics – Production ready tabletop thickness mapping system includes on-board reference, notch finding, interlocked cover and move.  Fully-automatic mapping of thin film measurement / thickness measurement and index for nearly any sample shape. 

F60-C System

 f60c front large

The Filmetrics® F60-c family maps film thickness and index just like our F50 products, but it also includes a number of features intended specifically for production environments.

F10-RT System

F10-RT System

The Filmetrics F10-RT reflectometer captures reflectance and transmittance spectra with a single mouse-click.


FSM 127

Optical Measurements Techniques - Imaging Low Coherence Interferometry

FSM 128

Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

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